Personal review of 2021 header image shows hand holding kettle pouring water into a coffee maker held by a second hand. While a third hand holds up a cup.

Personal Review Of 2021

Personal review of 2021 header image shows hand holding kettle pouring water into a coffee maker held by a second hand. While a third hand holds up a cup.
Image: Pexels

Well, that was quite the year, wasn’t it? Last week, I took a dive into the statistics and shared the top ten posts for last year and for the lifetime of the blog. I learnt some new skills, but didn’t decipher much from the favourite posts about what you, my readers, particularly like. It’s a mixed bag. However, I did promise a more personal review of 2021 for this weeks Wicked Wednesday prompt. So I’d best get started!

And because I think you’ll need at least a pot of tea while you’re reading I’ve decided to share this to Floss’s new meme- #SWAP with Floss It’s a tenuous link, I know, but I’m so pleased to see her back again!

There is a problem with having lots of wonderful memories to look back on. When you have to choose your favourites things get a little tricky. I have decided that I have to love the image AND the writing. So no stock photos in my top posts, and no mediocre writing for you either. Each post I share has to be all my own, and a memory that really hits home.

Right, let’s get started looking back at my personal favourites from 2021!

Reflecting on January.

As I look back at January I am quite staggered by the amount of words I shared. Yes, I was continuing on with my weekly Scavenger Hunt posts, but I was predominantly using my computer time to write and untangle the spaghetti that is my brain.

I’ve had real problems choosing a favourite post from January but as I only posted 15 times I’ve not given myself the freedom of choosing more than one.

From mid-month I was struggling with my site, which seemed to be off line most days. Given that one of my goals for the year was to grow my blog this was proving unhelpful. I couldn’t work out what was happening, but then noticed some calls out on twitter. It seemed others with the same hosts were struggling too. Anyone who knows me will understand the difficulties I have with anything “tech”. Switching hosts felt huge, but… I did it! With the support of some amazing friends in this world. By the turn of the month I had jumped ship, ready to leap into a new- and busy- month. Just in the nick of time…

Feeling good about February

Last year I focused on February photo fest. I’d attempted it previously, but not quite done every day. Filled with self doubt I got planning early. This time round I had a plan, with a theme each week. I’d been inspired to take this approach during a zoom shoot with the rather lovely Exposing 40. I’m featured in her post Pride Legs, but it was the aftermath of this call that leg to my favourite image of the month. I’m not sure if I love it more because of the rope, or the fact it signalled my completion of a self-set goal.

It was a really busy month, and I’m staggered by the shift in my focus with the photography side of things. My confidence was growing slowly; the aftermath of changing to a new host all by myself, and the completion of the month long meme ON TOP OF home-schooling was a major leap forward.

Memories of March

This month saw me pick up the tale of how I became the woman I am today, the very reason Sir asked me to start the blog! In fact, statistically my top post for 2021 is part of this story. My bisexual explorations with the lovely B. There is a big problem with sharing so many wonderful memories, I have to pick one for my favourite, but which one?! The rules I set out at the start of this post help narrow things down a great deal and I have decided to share a post which shows the start of a journey… You see, Sir had seen something in me and accordingly set me a new challenge!

I have decided to include a special mention post here. I know, I know… No stock photos is what I said. But this post had the tears flowing, and I think it is important to share the impact that my Ds relationship with sir has had in my vanilla word too, specifically the benefits to my little family who have had to deal with so much over the years. It’s not kinky or sexy in any way, but it is, perhaps, the most important post I wrote for me last year. Gratitude, Tears and Joy.

It isn’t very often that I offer advice. I enjoy the puzzle of working through my own solutions, and friends know what to expect when they come to me for help- we do the puzzle together. However, 2020 had led to me needing to do some important learning around blog security. When I was chatting to the Blogable Babes about my experience they offered me to share what I’d learnt. Six Steps to Blog Security not only helped others, it also consolidated my own learning. I’m hoping to add more value to the community site this year, if they will have me back!

I also found time to plan and reveal my theme for A-Z April…

Amazing times in April

A-Z April was an absolute blast. I decided to alphabetise bondage, and worked within my bubble to create some amazing images and posts. It signalled a change in friendship direction for SWL and I as I tied her for the first time. And I got to introduce you to Alice properly. He and I have been friends for a few years now, and he feels like family. It was a joy to share some adventures with him. My favourite post of April is one that made me laugh as I read it back. Not just for the way that I treated Alice, but the way that I have enjoyed myself when the tables have turned.

April also saw the return of Elust. While the site would be revitalised by new owner Big Oz Down Under over the next few months it was with great excitement that I posted the new issue mid month.

May have survived May.

May was a challenging month. Following on from April which was, in all honesty, a little intense, I had bloggers drop. While I shared a number of short posts for photographic memes I stopped interacting with other sites so much and barely wrote any posts of decent length. While my thoughts on safety ring loud and clear the rule of no stock photos still stands. If I didn’t have the stream of consciousness that is Planned Spontaneity I may have broken my own rule. But no, this fun post is an insight into the inner workings of my brain. Unfiltered chaos spilling out onto my blog, a written demonstration of the way I seem to enjoy living my life.

Just about got through June

My burn out deepened as we moved into June. A total of fourteen posts, including one guest post and one Elust publication. I apologise to all who commented on my work at this time. The noise in my head was almost unbearable at times and I failed to respond to so many of you. Please know that I read each and every word and am so grateful for your company even though I couldn’t find the words to thank you for your kindness and thoughts. It was Sir’s presence in my world that got me through this month. His dominance, both physical and mental, gave me the balance I needed to top up my cup. And so, because this is my blog- and therefore my rules- I’m sharing two posts for June.

This personal review of 2021 is turning into a bit of a monster.

Why don’t you go and grab another cuppa before settling down to the second half of the year?

Jumping back to it in July

July was, again, a little sparse on the posting front. However, I was working in other areas before the summer holidays kicked in. Not only did I have the chance to catch up with Angel for a little rope, I also continued on with my story, reached my weight loss goal and picked up more than a few modelling jobs. I wasn’t writing but it was certainly busy!

With my goal for 2022 being to laugh even more, it seems appropriate to share a ridiculous shoot with a photographic memory that will stay with me for a long time to come. I love seeing other peoples photos and appreciating the art behind them, and I totally get that this is what others may see when looking at this. But what I remember is the story around the picture and it is every bit as absurd (in a wonderful way) as the image suggests.

Absolutely loved August

With the school holidays in full swing, and a strong suggestion from Sir to enjoy my rest, I am pleased to see that there was some great content this month. Photos from some of my July shoots made an appearance, and there were some reflective pieces thrown in. But the post that I want to share is my return to the boudoir. Not only was this such a wonderfully fun evening, it was also one that led to a wonderful friendship developing past small talk.

This month also I hosted my first sponsored post, an article I thoroughly enjoyed reading and was proud to have on my site.

Sliding back to normalcy in September

Having had three weeks with very little electricity and/or internet is it any wonder that I was back and firing on all cylinders? I was finally able to write a post from my timeline of tales, not only had I reached its chronological place but I was brave enough to share the adventure. It’s a long story as to why this was causing a blockage, but you’ll have to wait a while to hear about that! (Though it does relate to this older post- No Need For Slut Shaming.) After that I continued with my over sharing with renewed zeal.

Mrs Fever ran her September Song Project again in 2021 and I joyfully joined in. My top pick of September is… Triggered by an image and a tune, it isn’t quite fiction, but nor is it fact. Even reading it back I am transported to my place, with squirmy excitement bubbling away in my tummy, heart pounding in my chest and dampness, yes, definitely that. Delicious!

This was also the month I left the inaugral Blogable Fiction Marathon. Having made it to the semi finals I am incredibly proud of what I achieved with my words, but more so through some friendships that have developed through this great (if somewhat terrifying) experience.

Oh yes, that was October

This month I kept up the momentum, progressing through spring 2018 in my memories. Easter Bunnies has a stock photo so I’m dropping it into the paragraph. Partly because this was a wonderful event to be part of and I wish everyone could experience something similar, but also because I don’t like to be constrained by rules made by anyone other than Sir- even myself! I introduced you to a lovely friend as she lay naked in the woods, and I shared my new hobby with you.

The post I want to highlight is a review. Not just because I found the product to be very… effective. Or because I love the company– which I absolutely do! When I attended my first event of nearly two years at Halloween I spent time catching up with friends. One, who I didn’t realise read the blog, told me off. Reading this review late one night, my antics led to her laughing so loudly she woke her puppy, who then thought it was morning and decided it was playtime.

It was also a great pleasure to welcome Swirling Fire to A Leap Of Faith, with her guest post Ghosts, Goblins and Silence.

Not my average November

Argh, where to even begin with November? It was a very mixed bag. I had a wonderful shoot with Stutographer, and he captured my favourite professional photo of me ever. There were some hugely personal posts, including one which I think should be essential reading for anyone who would like to understand my relationship with Sir- Skirts and The Art of Dominance. My work also started gaining more attention with requests for me to write elsewhere. I had my birthday too, and a week later came down with covid, which changed the landscape of the blog for the rest of the year. (And altered some of the plans I had hoped to put in place for this month.)

November was pretty good, aside from covid, with one exception. An old acquaintance triggered an unexpected reaction from me, and the rage blocked every ounce of creativity. While I waited for advice from Sir, who was working out of the country, I unpicked the whole, sorry mess on here. No sooner had I deposited the anger here than I was able to pick up my schedule, and when Sir was available he defused the situation with his dry wit. I don’t think I’ll be hearing from him (the numpty, not Sir) again.

Oh goodness, I almost forgot. Instagram booted me off for sharing sexually suggestive content. They did me a favour really as I wanted to change things up a little. But did they have to delete all of my content in the process, without warning? Thank godness for backups!

Decidedly delightful December

This is generally the month where I need to sit back and hide. Christmas is just too much for me, I wither under the pressure of forced fun. However, the virus which has stolen much of the last six weeks has actually given me the chance to be festive. It meant I could complete a gift guide, get a cheeky Scavenger Hunt picture, including a genuine smile, and also roll around on the floor disguised as a Christmas tree. Celebrating a beautiful butt plug with festive lights and drinks was also fighting for a spot atop the list.

But my favourite post of December has to be a celebration of breasts. For so long I believed mine weren’t worthy of being part of me. More likely, I wasn’t worthy of having beautiful breasts. However, as always, Sir has a plan. And whether the outcome was accidental or not the fact remains, his task has helped me see that ALL breasts are beautiful. INCLUDING mine! Earlier in the month I shared how I’d gifted him my right breast, the first physical present I’d given him in almost seven years. It seems kind of inadequate when we take into consideration the most wonderful gift that he presents me with each and every day.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my personal review of A Leap Of Faith in 2021.

What a journey that was! There were so many posts, and it has been wonderful to read back through so many of them. Thank you all for your support and generosity of spirit as I work start a new year in this wonderful world. These are many of my memories, fantasies, thoughts and daydreams. I hope you’ve found some new posts, and rediscovered old reads. Have I missed any out that would have made your list? I’d love to hear your thoughts, either in the comments or via my contact form.

Wicked Wednesday

Would you like to be part of my journey through 2022? Whether that’s through my site or yours, please do check out my Work With Me page and get in touch.


  1. congratulations making it through the year, not compromising on your blogging ethics and sharing so much information of things i never knew.

    Happy New Year to you and Family
    Swirly 🌻🧚‍♀️

    1. Thank you Swirly, for your kind words and for trusting me with your work!

      It was quite a ride, last year. I wonder where 2022 will take us all?

      Happy new year to you too. N xx

  2. What a brilliant round-up. I love your picture from February and July. Are you planning on doing FebPhotoFest again this year?


    1. In a year where the world has been a bit pants it was nice to reflect on the things that made a difference to me. The July one is a particularly great memory, just so daft!

      I’m currently working on my fabphotofest images. The plan is locked and loaded, just filling in the gaps now. I’m pretty excited for it. N

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