Top Ten List (s?) 2021 And All-Time

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This weeks prompt marks the 500th edition of wicked Wednesday. Marie has invited us to look back on our top ten lists for our posts, as well as what we’ve learnt over the course of 2021. Not only did I want to join in with this landmark week, I do love a spot of reflection so I’ve took a deep dive into my blog statistics.

Since I started blogging, or more importantly participating in memes, I’ve contributed fifty-nine posts to Marie’s Wicked Wednesday link ups. I’ve also had the huge privilege of doing the round up five times. It’s always a pleasure to support my friends in the blogging community, but giving something back to a woman who has offered so much support to me over the years is always a pleasure.

Saying “over the years” makes me feel like I’m an established blogger.

I guess I am? After all this site, in its original incantation, was born on the 22nd January 2018. Almost four years ago. Falling foul of the WordPress Ts and Cs means came into being in the June of that year. When my original site disappeared I was devastated. But with help I got most of my content back, and continued.

The last year has seen me start learning about SEOs. I’ve grown my DA from 3 to 21 in the last 14 months and I’m still working away quietly behind the scenes to get it all sorted. I’m well aware that blog maintenance is much like the painting of the forth bridge– a never ending task! But I’m not scared of my own tech-shadow anymore and so I will gladly keep painting. And ultimately keep learning.

On the topic of learning I’d originally thought I’d do the top ten list for 2021 because I didn’t know how to access the all time stats. But not knowing how to do something wouldn’t normally stop me. But finding the lists I wanted to share both lists of top ten- for 2021 and for all-time, perhaps I’d learn what is popular with you, my readers. Fortunately for me use blocks and there was a table option for me to use.

You see, I’m always learning!

1Friends Who Play TogetherMemories Are Timeless Treasures.
2Bukkake Party BabesV is for View
3Representation Of BeautyWhen I Get Down On My Knees It’s Not To Pray.
4Milk Bath GoddessBackstage Girl
5Riding RicoDon’t Forget To Fall In Love With Yourself First
6My Comfort ZoneSinfully Shiny
7Important WriterFriends Who Play Together
8Double Vaginal PenetrationAm I An Exhibitionist?
9Angles In The ExtremeBukkake Party Babes
10Yoga Bondage At Yellowmead.Look Closer: Not Everything Is As It Seems

As I’ve said many times before, the blog was set up as a task for Sir, and while it has evolved over time, it is still a way for me to communicate with him. His request for me, when I got started, was to tell the story of how I became the woman I am today, this is the category A Little About Me. I am still playing catch up! Life just keeps unfurling around me. Anyway, back to the post N!

Where do these posts fit in my top ten lists?

Over the course of 2021 positions one, two and eight have all been taken up with my timeline of tales. This means forced orgasms, a bukkake party and Double vaginal penetration, respectively, have all caught your eye. One and two from 2021 slide down the second list into seventh and eight spots, but in third is a much older post, where I shared the first (only?) time M spanked me.

And each list has a post where I speak fondly of moments with Sir. Pictures of his handiwork take up sixth spot in 2021, and it is with great pleasure that his image graces the top spot of all-time.

However, this is really where the similarities end.

My 2021 top ten list has a lot of photographic posts.

This likely reflects the quality of the work I’ve been creating with professional photographers, enthusiastic friends and more aware self-shot images. Through working with photographers I am learning how to take a good shot. And Loki, has been working hard, enthusiastically teaching himself different techniques. The words help, but the images are by far and away the biggest draw in my opinion.

Of course, this doesn’t explain my rogue toy review in fifth spot. My first forays into sex dolls was actually more fun than I’d imagined. And Rico did make a very compliant rope bunny!

My all-time top ten list reflects a wider range of writing posts.

Yes, there were picture posts, but there is a heavier weighting on words than photos. I’ve already mentioned memories of Sir gracing the top spot, but there was a sexy memory of fucking in the wild (two), one of my longest held fantasies (four), a celebration of my pussy (five) and important reflections on my exhibitionism (eight).

In the process of looking for these top tens I’ve taken some time to scroll down through the posts. I’m really heartened to see that the statistics are really close, currently. Each and every link is a little part of my brain, untangled onto the screen. The numbers next to the link tells me how many of you have taken the time to read an enjoy my work. Some of the first advice I received on starting a blog was to know your audience, which was simple because it’s a task for Sir. As someone who writes almost exclusively for Sir and myself, I’m incredibly humbled by each and every visit to my site. But more than that, I love that I’ve made friends through writing and photography. And that you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy creating it.

I really can’t thank you all enough for sticking with me.

I was hoping that these lists would help me understand a little more about what you all enjoy reading. But it seems you like a mixed bag of writing and pictures! I think, really, the lists tell me more about how my blog has changed over recent times, and gives me food for thought on how I can change things up again next year.

Which makes me wonder what my top ten list for 2022 will look like next year. Not to mention any changes to the order of things from the all time posts list. I’m already excited to take this trip down memory lane next year.

Wicked Wednesday

This is the first time I’ve written my Top Ten List of posts according to the statistics, but last year I shared my Top 9 For 2020. I’ll be back in the new year with a similar post of my own memories and preferences from 2021.

Top ten posts for 2021

Top Ten Posts All-Time


  1. I keep a top ten list yearly, and I have a “rolling” one that is the accumulated-views version of the top ten over the past ten years. I think it helps, in some way, to know what is “sticking” with readers — and that changes, because readership dynamics change over time.

    One thing I’ve noticed – similar to you – is that this year, there seems to be a lot of photos in the top 10. But that might be down to my Saturday project; it’s hard to know. It’s different from the norm though, and not for lack of posting WORDS. So perhaps that will bear further scrutiny.

    Congrats on 4 years of blogging — I think you can definitely consider yourself Established. 🙂

  2. I love your blog, Barefoot sub! This was a fun read. I might have to go through some of my own stats to get a sense of which posts people are really responding to. XOXO

  3. You definitely are an established blogger, and I love how you have approached your stats, studying them to find out what your readers want to see. You are much better at that than I am. There was a time when I looked at my search terms, and wrote new posts for the top searches, but when that meme stopped (Sexy Searching) I stopped too. As for your images, whether the professional ones or the snaps for Scavenger Hunt… I love them all! And your words always seem to strike a chord with me, especially your reflective posts. Keep on blogging, N!
    ~ Marie xox

  4. First, I almost used the same header image as you and second, I don’t think I’ve ever told you this but your writing style is just…splendid. You’re always real, regardless of the topic. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you over the past year.

  5. I think you have excelled this year barefoot – your writing pulls the reader in and you always give so much of yourself in the words…
    If I did a top 10 blog list – yours would be in it
    May xx
    Happy new year lovely lady

    1. Happy New year May!

      I’ve exceeded my hopes for the last year and look forward to seeing what I can achieve next year, while maintaining the essence of me and what I offer to the site.

      Thank you so much for your support, and cheerleading. You’ve helped more than you’ll ever know. N xx

  6. I noticed a similar thing…readers seem to enjoy variety. In the past, I’ve felt the photos did best, which sort of annoyed me, since I work so hard on the stories and personal narrative. But then, this year it has really been all over the place. I do notice people don’t really enjoy the reviews or poetry as much. That doesn’t surprise me, really. I’m not a huge fan of reviews either, unless I am specifically looking for something.

    This year, I’ve cut down on the blogs I follow, but I can say, much like May, that yours is one that I always return to. So thanks for the content. I know it is a labor of love.

    1. I was so surprised to see my review of Rico up there, and he’s now switched back places. But then, perhaps the header is more clickable than some of my other reviews?

      I love your blog Brigit, i was so pleased to see you back again. One of my aims for 2022 is to participate in flash fiction friday. (Why on earth wouldn’t I add more variety to confuse readers?)

      A labour of love, that definitely sums it up.

  7. This is an interesting look back. I think your blog is a great mix of different things and that is reflected in your top posts. This is a great thing as I think there is something for everyone. I love your blog. It is really hard to find good writing about real relationships but your blog does essentially that. I know that fiction seems more popular, but it is the non-fiction I enjoy so yours is one of my favourites. Missy x

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