the barefoot sub relaxing in her rope, another reflected in the mirror shot for bound to come last

Bound To Be The Finale

the barefoot sub relaxing in her rope, another reflected in the mirror shot for bound to come last

This is the first image I took specifically for February Photo Fest 2021. So how come it was bound to be the finale? This picture was taken following on from my Scenes on ScreensΒ call with Exposing 40. I loved her creation so much I decided to give it a go. And the themes started coming together for my month in photos. Each week had a different theme. As I wrote posts and tied things together Voyeuristic Delights, and therefore this last sinful sunday post, got moved to week 4 for various reasons.

Here are the weeks in order, if you haven’t had chance to check them all out yet:

  1. Rope with Friends
  2. Toys in the Wild
  3. Barefoot in the Wild
  4. Voyeuristic Delights

I’ve completed a couple of month long memes. The first being February Photo Fest 2019. The second was Every Damn day in June 2020. This is the first time I have come up with a plan which is more in depth than “write lots of posts”. I wonder if that is luck or growth? At the start of the year I spoke about my goal for 2021. To live my best life. Perhaps this is a sign of what is to come? A more relaxed and organised barefoot sub? And I was definitely feeling relaxed in my thigh tie, on my cosy blanket.

Who would have thought all of that work would have been inspired by one voyeuristic image?

It has been excellent looking through my old files, catching up with friends, and creating new pictures to share. I wonder what new photos I will take for next year?

Sinful Sunday

Bound to be the finale may be my final post for February, but I promise there will be more to come.

If you can’t wait until the next post then check out some more self tied goodness with this post: Frozen Moments.


  1. I think you have created an amazing body of work this month but I have to say that I think this image might be my faourite one of the all. I love the voyeuristic feel to it. It is both a sexy shot but also a really clever image that makes the viewer feel like they are part of it


    1. This is the first time I’ve done a month long meme and planned in advance what would happen. Its been a great lesson for me. And I’ve had so much fun putting the images together, I’m starting to feel a bit more… creative! N

    1. Thank you. Like i say, I was so pleased with this one photo I was inspired to step up to the #FebPhotoFest challenge

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