My Comfort Zone

Comfort zone header of my fresh marks post sir, bum thighs and shoulders.

How is it that I feel most loved, valued and appreciated when he has pushed me to the edge of my comfort zone? When he’s driven me to sub space with gentle brutality? When he has caressed my skin with heavy blows? Removed physical comfort with a cock in my ass and a strap to my shoulders?

It’s because I earn this from him.

He knows me better than I know myself at times, but we both know what I need. And that he is the only person who can deliver it all in one delicious encounter. A thrashing with a rubber implement, interspersed with a straining erection, leaking pre-cum, being thrust into my mouth. Tongue searching out each droplet of his pleasure, quenching my thirst on his desires. Perhaps he needs this as much as I do? To give the pain that I crave. His sadism met by HIS submissive’s masochistic needs.

He leads me to the edge of my comfort zone and I delight in following the path, taking as much as he will give me knowing that he cares about me. Safe in the knowledge that he knows what I need, and he also knows when to stop. His words “I look after my property N” proven true each and every time he takes me to hand. Our deal: I trust, he keeps me safe. We never fail in upholding our side of the bargain, and each time he pushes me harder I am safer to trust a little deeper. Give him a little bit more of me. Stretch those boundaries. And push back the edges of my comfort zone just a little bit further. For him, for me, for us.

Wicked Wednesday


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    1. He leaves me to jump across my own boundaries of my own free will. And scoops me up when it doesn’t go as I’d hoped

  1. Oh my goodness, yes. This is exactly how I feel with my Master. It’s delightful. I adore him, and the way he treats me. He cares for me in all ways, but pushes me to the edge. I love it.

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