Breasts exposed in the doctors surgery. This is the birth of an exhibitionist.

The Birth of an Exhibitionist



Breasts exposed in the doctors surgery. This is the birth of an exhibitionist.

The return of sir didn’t just bring a reintroduction of restrictions and a new rule. With him came his deviant imagination, and a selection of tasks. If you read this blog, you’ll know that I’m pretty good at keeping myself entertained and maintaining a growth mind-set in his absence. But there is something about the way he leads me which encourages bigger and better growth than I’ve been able to achieve alone. Two heads are better than one, after all! On this occasion he brought about the birth of an exhibitionist!

The birth of an exhibitionist? What can I mean?

This week he was setting me tasks daily. First came the pictures and video self-analysis, reacquainting him, and myself, with my body. The following day he asked me to create something for myself, to stretch myself and see how much I could impress him. This is the kind of task which strikes fear into my heart. I am in complete control of what I choose to do, and inevitably I will push myself harder than I thought possible. Brigit Delaney’s post details the 14 qualities of a good dominant, and this task has number 9 written all over it: fostering creativity and innovation.

On this occasion I decided to use his wording for inspiration.

Anal stretching had been off the agenda for a good while. I’d not been training at all, as the opportunity for anal use and abuse was not a priority for single me. But I did have some delightfully filling plugs which would be interesting to try out again. For Him. I started with the smallest. As the day wore on I progressed through the sizes, and finished my evening with an old favourite, the vibrating inflatable plug.

He praised my efforts, and then shared my task for the following day.

You are to provide me with 5 pictures throughout the day.

Each must be in a public area.ย 

They must contain your face and your naked breasts and some of the background, so I can see where you are

Each picture should be difficult to take without being seen.

As I planned out my days activities I came up with a list of 4 locations. And the image I have shared with the post is my first ever public exposure. I was at my doctors surgery. I knew I’d be there, and I was certain I would be able to get a picture. But when I was in the waiting room something happened.

I lost my courage.

Every ounce of bravery left my body. I’d given myself enough time to take the picture before my appointment, but now I was unsure I’d be able to follow through. There were other people waiting, as happens in a waiting room! I thought I was going to throw up, right there, on the carpet. At least I was in the right place to be unwell! There was but one thing to do. I emailed Sir. Told him all about the sick feeling in my tummy, the fear, the sweat! Ending with a call to action:

I CAN do it. I WILL do it!

As if he’d been expecting my nerves his response was immediate. “Make it so”

Naturally I did. I say “naturally” because it seems anything is possible where Sir is concerned. Anyone who knows me well will have seen the dedication to completing the tasks I have agreed to.

I took myself to the toilet, sorted my clothes, practised the angles in the cubicle and emerged… focussed on the task in hand. Taking that one picture was eye opening. And it was slippery slope from there on in. An old friend explained his tumble into heroine addiction to me many years ago. How all it took was one smoke at a party and he was hooked.

Well, this was Sir’s party, and he was my drug.

Yes, this day brought the birth of an exhibitionist!

That day I even managed to take 9 pictures. The task was for 5, but I had been enjoying the tumbling tummy, the adrenaline and knowing I would please him by pushing myself for him. Always for him. He was happy to see them all, and though I know that these days I take braver, bolder images, these first ones hold a special place in my heart. I had no idea where this slippery slope would lead.

Would I have become involved in the scavenger hunt were it not for him and this task?

Knowing what task followed not too long after this I wonder if he is a fan of the scavenger hunt himself? Or if the two are a lucky coincidence. What I do know is that to this day I almost always take two pictures when I find a new location. First I take one for him, following the original brief. Face, naked breasts and a clear background. Next I take one for the hunt. Sometimes there is only time for one image, before I need to cover up again, but my preference is to include him first and foremost.

The following day brought a trickier task.

One which was intended to remind him how much I wish to submit to him. At the time I didn’t consider myself bisexual, and he wanted me to stretch myself in this area. For Him. I did, gladly, and have a wonderful friend who stepped in to support me. She got her girl-crush kicks, and I got to push myself for him. Win-Win! Not to mention the giggles she and I shared.

This prospect of this one brought back memories of my perceived failure the first time I had been with a woman. With my ever present fear of getting things wrong, this was a great opportunity for him to remind me that I hadn’t failed in the past. It was just part of my journey. Besides, tasks are not meant to be easy!

As the week progressed we made plans for the Friday evening. He confirmed he would be available, and I was able to do the same…

Scavenger Hunt Bronze

Did you enjoy The Birth of an Exhibitionist? Maybe you’ll enjoy reading about another one of my tasks too: Opportunity Knocks. Temptation Knocks The Door Down.


  1. I’m so glad you shared this with us. Our first daring flash in public can be so daunting, especially in a place as crowded as a doctors surgery…go you!

  2. Potentially involving non-consenting people in a kink isnโ€™t sexy nor does it make him a good master.

    1. You’re right, but my instructions were more in depth. Were he asking me in a less careful way I would have called him on it. I was to ensure I wasn’t seen, and to this day I haven’t been. The risk of exposing myself to someone non-consensually is deterrent enough to make sure I am not too public, that I choose my timings and locations carefully. A friend recently said I should just go all out, that they didn’t think anyone would mind. But I don’t wish to be gaining retrospective consent. Or offending people. My kinks are not for everyone.

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