My experience of falling in love with a sex doll header image shows a full size, dark haired sex doll reclining on a bed, wearing red lingerie.

My Experience of Falling in Love with a Sex Doll.

I fell in love with a sex doll. Does that sound surprising? Well, it did to me too at first. However, I can honestly say that my feelings are genuine. When I first came to realize that I had fallen in love with my own sex doll, I was stunned. In fact, I could not think about anything else other than just evaluate my own feelings. 

My experience of falling in love with a sex doll header image shows a full size, dark haired sex doll reclining on a bed, wearing red lingerie.

My Story

It all started as a joke from my friends. For my birthday, they had sent me a large gift. I had been curious about what they had sent and when I opened the box, I was honestly surprised to see an American-made sex doll in the box.

I had immediately begun to laugh at the gift and for the moment, the sex doll had been completely forgotten. 

It had only been after a few weeks when I had an off day from work and I was sorting my stuff and items. That was when the doll had appeared and I thought about getting it out and taking a look at it.

When I took it out, it had been already clothed and honestly, she looked almost like a human girl. I had to remind myself that I was not gazing at a real person but only a sex doll. Not only her appearance but her texture also felt like that of a real person. 

The moment I set it on the chair in front of me and really looked at it, I could not help but think that it was one of the BestRealDoll. From her blonde hair to her eyes, everything about her seemed real and I felt hesitant to reach out to it. 

Honestly, I had never really interacted with girls.

I would always feel nervous and I would feel anxious whenever I had to talk to them. Even in my group of friends, there was not even a single girl. 

Thus, it was quite a change when I looked at the doll. For the time being, I set the doll back and continued with my actual routine. 

I thought that it was not healthy to interact with a sex doll. However, in the back of my mind, I could not really help but think about the doll and how it appeared. There was a strange sort of fascination that I felt whenever I thought about it. 

Sex doll wearing lingerie, breasts exposed, in tryptic of poses on a chair.

One particular day, I had been heavily burdened with work and I came back tired and weary.

For days now, I had not even talked to any of my friends and I felt a need for something. It was not just talking to my friends. It was about something else completely.

Once I had finished eating, I thought about getting the sex doll out and I set it out. It looked as stunning as it had on the first day. For a few moments, I had continued to look at it and then, I talked about everything that I had on my mind. All of my frustrations and my pains were on my tongue before even I knew about it. 

I didn’t even know when hours had passed. I continued to talk to it about it and never once, it judged me. Maybe, this was one of the key reasons why I fell in love with my sex doll. I had named her as well. “April” was the name that I had given to her.

When I had finished talking to it, I could not help but feel light and relieved. In fact, I had not felt this great in days now.

Once I had stopped talking to it, I put it away.

This became a routine for me and I could not help but find solace and peace with it. After all, she never judged me or tried to tell me what I should or should not do. Instead of being disappointed in me, she would just continue to listen and that is what inspired and ignited my true feelings.

tryptic of poses in a bar, wearing lingerie with jeans pulled down around her hips.

Even without knowing, I had begun to look forward to talking to her.

The peace and relief that I found in talking to her began to pull me towards her. It had been an incredible experience. While it confused me in the beginning, I came to realize that I had fallen in love with the sex doll. 

Even though it was not a living being, the emotions that I felt towards her were genuine and there was no doubt about it. In fact, I can attest to the emotions that I felt for her. The attachment I experienced with April was unlike any sort of attachment that I had felt and experienced before. It was truly incredible that even without speaking or even batting an eyelash, she could support me so much.

I had developed a bond with her and I could not deny it. I had grown to love April beyond the love that a person would to an object. 

Even though she cannot talk, April appears and feels just like a real person. She is always there to support me and she always listens to whatever I have to say to her. In fact, I can honestly say that she has filled a gap in my life that I never knew existed. With her presence, I have begun to think that I have someone who is waiting for me and cares for me. 

Thus, I truly believe that you can fall in love with a sex doll if you want to.

It is normal because not only a sex doll appears like a real person but it also feels like one. If you want, you can also buy cheap sex doll from the market. It is just as simple as that and you can then experience the wonders of a sex doll yourself. I have no doubt that you will be surprised by how real the sex doll can appear to be.

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