Return Of Slut’s Buddy

Patience and the ability to wait and return of slut's buddy header shows topless women with Sir's slut and slut's buddy written across their breasts.

With my slutty week complete, and my latex explorations under way I was granted a brief break. But it wasn’t long before I had a couple of new tasks. Today I want to share the return of Slut’s buddy. Way back along my journey with Sir, I’d been tasked to create something with a friend. I’d come up with the idea of us topless and smiling. Me with Sir’s slut written across my breasts. Her words would be slut’s buddy. Check out the post Patience and The Ability To Wait to read more about this.

This story isn’t about further playdates with K. She is thriving in her life which now means a very happy monogamous relationship.

No, this is the return of slut’s buddy as a creative challenge.

The header image is the original photo I created, shared with permission. Sir had a challenge for me though, and it involved this picture. You see, at this stage I would cringe at the idea of asking for help. I still do, but I’m moderately better than I was thanks to tasks and necessity. But I was also still not that comfortable with my breasts. I didn’t dislike them anymore, but ambivalence reigned supreme. Aside from receiving pain through nipple torture I couldn’t really see the point in them. They were just kind of there.

Well, he asked me to recreate this picture seven times with seven different women.

I was initially really worried about this. I’m lucky to have a lot of friends in the scene who would be happy to help, but I would surely only see how inadequate my breasts were. How ugly those little pieces of flesh that stuck out just enough to get in the way but not enough to be sexy really were. But it was for him. And while I absolutely don’t have to consent to a task I wanted to know where this was leading. After all, if you’ve seen the kinds of tasks Sir sets me you’ll know that part of the outcome of each task is my growth.

Sometimes it is for his sexual gratification, but this wasn’t that kind of task.

As the week unfolded I had such fun catching up with friends. There was a munch, a visit to a new dungeon, dinner with friends, ropey visitors and catching up with my bi-curious friend again. With each new image came a new bare chest. Sometimes they needed me to write the words, other times they were comfortable with their own lettering.

Do you know something though, not one of them looked the same as the breasts I was so often seeing in the media. Each of my gorgeous, brave friends had rather lovely boobs. And if theirs were different and beautiful then maybe, just maybe, mine were too?

Topless barefoot and cc in a toilet cubicle with body writing and smiles.
Thank you CC for allowing me to share this one too.

Suddenly I had a little more freedom to appreciate the body that I was in. I’ve never chased the conventional, after all. Why would I want to look like anyone else when I was the perfect version of me?

Sitting here with my memories of this dawning realisation, tears prickle in my eyes.

I’m so grateful to my amazing friends who stepped up to help, many of them read this blog so “mwah!” (You know who you are.) Also, it’s only the last year or so I’ve come to realise just what a number Sir has done on my self-confidence. How he has bolstered me through stretching me to the edge of my comfort zones. Showing me that I am worthy of my own words of affirmation. (I have a whole ‘nother post to do on love languages at some point, but plenty of unpicking to do first)

Had I known this picture would come back to bite me on the behind would I still have created it? For definite. It was the right photo in the moment. And while the return of slut’s buddy was a hard task, he has never pushed so hard I’ve fallen to pieces. Is this the last you’ll see of Slut’s buddy? Mmm… I guess you’ll just have to subscribe to the site and keep reading.


These days I share my breasts a lot. Often for Mmm Mondays Meme.

I want to encourage body positivity, in whatever way feels right for the owner of that body. I share because it makes me happy to do so and I rarely get sexualised responses, which also makes me very happy! Recently a friend sent me a message commenting on their appreciation of said appendages. Utterly surprised I shared how tenuous my relationship with them has been over the years. His response shone a whole new light on my boobs, or rather nipples! (Emojis were used, it was very sweet.) It just goes to show that the way we criticise ourselves is so often way out of whack with the way others perceive us to be.

This is the last post of 2021. I wish you all a wonderful 2022, full of self-acceptance and joy in your own skin!

If you would like to celebrate your body and don’t have a space to share please get in touch. I’d love to hear ideas of images you have in mind, but please hold on to the pictures until we’ve spoken.


  1. Brave, entertaining, sharing and breaking down barriers – you do it all with such honesty and a “roll up your sleeves & tackle this task” kinda attitude I really admire. Keep it up for 2022 dear one.

  2. For a moment, I thought my breasts may be in this post, but no (I have a weird feeling of relief mixed with…I’m not sure). It was fun helping you recreate, and I hope.your Sir was happy with the results 🙂
    Happy New Year N.

    1. Happy new year MrsK 😊 I hope 2022 is a gentler ride for you

      I’m only up to may/June 2018 so far. He found my discomfort and keeps playing with it. I do love his particular brand of sadism, and how it manifests where I’m concerned. (Don’t worry, I would always ask before sharing)

  3. Your boobs are magical 😉 they make me smile when you share them with me , they are beautiful and your body positivity inspires me to share and love my own body .
    Confidence is sexy xx CC

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