Alice secured in tight bondage thanks to riggers rights.

Rigger’s Rights

Barefoot exercising riggers rights with Alice in her rope.

Yesterday, for Barefoot’s Bondage A-Z we looked at Quick and Dirty ties. Today, I’ve got rigger’s rights in mind.

Naturally, the rigger only actually has “rights” within the boundaries of consent, and only for as long as the bunny is happy, and the tie is safe. But… What I want to bring up today is a game I like to play. Before I go any further, I want to share that Alice calls this particular mischief cheating! At least, he did when he read the post I shared about the inescapable bondage game

“you haven’t mentioned that you cheated!”

But I disagree with his wording… I wonder if any of you can help settle this disagreement for us? Was it a down right, mean trick? Or was I simply being a lovely friend by extending his play time? Have a read, and let me know what you think.

So, hopefully it is obvious that I would never leave anyone in my ropes unattended. It would be irresponsible and unfair for the rigger to hood the bunny, tie them up in (what we assume to be) inescapable bondage, and then leave them all alone. To my mind, anyway. Maintaining a watchful eye on my vulnerable friend is one of the most important jobs I must do as a rope top.

But what happens when they find an end…?

Or manage to loosen a friction and seem to be wriggling free?

In my head, this is where rigger’s rights come in.

If I can see what is happening, and they can’t, why not make their escape fun last a little longer? That is, after all, why I am there. And if I can also retain my winning streak?

Last time I played this game with Alice I hadn’t tied another in many months. Setting his camera up to record proceedings I stood back to watch. Realising too late that- uh oh- I’d left a dangling end within reach of his wriggly fingers. No sooner had he worked the bight free from the double column at his ankles than I was sliding it out from between his fingers.

Easing it over his pointy heels, the snug rope pulled his ankles in a touch more and I had to stifle a giggle as frustration leaked from between his lips.

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I was on the school run later in the afternoon when the phone rang.

Fearing the worst I answered, certain that he’d taken a tumble post play. (We’d eaten together afterwards, and all had been well when I left. But… you never know.) His voice down the line…

“That was sneaky!!!”

His amusement was evident as he admitted to watching the video back a few times since my departure. He thought he had dropped the end and was unable to find it. Or that I’d left him a red herring to fiddle with.

In fairness, either option was a possibility, but no. Turns out I was just up to no good.

Poor Alice…!

He can’t have been that unhappy… he’s already looking forward to next time!

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Wicked Wednesday

Do you think you might exercise your rigger’s rights? Or do you think it’s just Wicked?! Maybe you want to buy Alice a Coffee to make up for his tricksy friend?


  1. I’m in your side Alice. Definitely cheating involved!! My playpartner TOPofthePOT is always doing this to me!! Using my amazing superpowers I find an end or start to loosen something then she jumps on me tightens the knots or adds more rope! Once she even added duct tape!! I feel your pain!! We should form a team The rigger revengers!!

  2. I love the playfulness I sense from this post. Being able to do this with friends is priceless. And, if I have to take sides, I don’t think you cheated, Barefoot, but just that you wanted Alice to play a bit longer 😉
    Although I like the sound of the Rigger Revengers!
    ~ Marie xox

  3. As EBs Top and play partner, I inform the boy EB at the beginning of each session that I maintain the rights to check, move or improve on each and every tie I do, Lmao, you better be careful what you say boy!
    Remind me to introduce you to the Cornish loop of helplessness, a single carefully placed loop of rope that hangs tantalisingly close to long enquiring fingers and draws them into a never ending quest to figure out how to undo it.. I don’t consider it cheating, more a bending of the rules to keep the bunny/sub entertained and constantly striving for freedom, we as Tops have an important job to do lol make it too easy and it would be boring.. ( and I DO so enjoy watching a bound man struggle ) xx

    1. I love the sound of your cornish loop of helplessness CC.

      I’m glad you mention your process for the start of each session. And so EB knows exactly what he’s signed up for before he begins. Cheating? absolutely not!! xx

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