Kicking out in heels header, latex clad lady diving through a drivers side Jaguar window.

Kicking Out In Heels

Kicking out in heels header, latex clad lady diving through a drivers side Jaguar window.
Photographer: Neil S R

I’m not often seen clad in a black and glittery latex gown, kicking out in heels while diving headfirst into a Jaguar on a cold and stormy May afternoon. Neil and I had been working in the woods as the storm intensified around us. A quick change into this dress followed by some silliness. His opening words had me hooked “it might sound a bit crazy but what do you think of…” And that’s how I ended up like this! Glad of the angle that you can’t see the grin on my straining face.

In many ways the picture I’ve shared depicts how I live my life.

Pushing the boundaries of comfort and sanity in search of the perfect outcome, interlaced with silliness. It’s important not to be too daft, but in the grand scheme of things even the most boring tasks can be made fun! Perhaps I watched Mary Poppins too many times as a child? After all, her phrase “Find the fun, and snap, the jobs a game!” it’s permanently inking onto my soul.

I was looking for a quote to match the picture, and my sentiments.

It was harder than I imagined it would be. But then I was planning my posts for the next week and checked out LSB’s quote quest. I could ave saved myself many hours of quote-hunting, this weeks prompt is PERFECT!

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.

Mae West

My intention is to keep filling life with outlandish experiences. After all, what is life without occasionally kicking out in heels and draping myself over the window ledge of a Jag, dressed in latex, all while being battered by 60mph winds!

Sinful Sunday

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    1. Haha! I think it would make a wonderful position for that! Maybe a cushion on the window ledge though… x

  1. I fucking love this picture. This shot has so much personality and my mind immediately started imagining s story to go along with it.. just know it’s a 1970’s revenge exploitation film. But there’s nothing B movie about this photo.

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