Lady wearing just a green Important writer tee shirt while she sits reclines back with her legs spread and vulva on display.

Important Writer?

Lady wearing just a green Important writer tee shirt while she sits reclines back with her legs spread and vulva on display.

I mentioned that it was my birthday recently. SWL gave me a tee shirt, emblazoned with the words Important Writer. I had some pictures to take for a project I’m working on. This body positive project is the same one that led to this sexually suggestive content. I thought I’d slip into something comfortable while I got up close and personal with my pussy. It seemed sensible no to get distracted by my boobs too!

As is usually the way I got a little carried away, took more pictures than originally intended. But one of them caught the tee shirt and I really liked the accidental moment captured. My focus had been entirely on my nether regions! The rest of the screen was just a blur.

The surprise picture returned me to a conversation from earlier in the week.

I’m going to be in London in the new year. I popped a message to a rope friend asking if he’d be about for the catch up offered at Bunnies. Sadly he’s moved away now so it’s unlikely he’ll be there when I am. However, we chatted for a while and the conversation got on to writing. “Are you a professional writer?” he asked.

“I’ve only just accepted that I might be a writer,” I told him, “a hobbyist at best.”

When I added that I’ve started to bring in some income with my words he said that, in that case, I probably am a professional writer.

The definition of professional is that you are doing something as a paid job rather than as a hobby (Oxford Learners Dictionary) would suggest he is right, but I’m still not sure.

Perhaps I am? And if I’m not already then it’s a definite goal.

I would like to see my love of the written word take me there eventually, that’s for sure.

I’ve always said this space is a part of my communication with Sir. That and a space for me to unpick my thoughts. The readers I’ve met and the income I’ve found have all been icing on a very exciting, writing cake. So… Here on a leap of faith even if I’m unsure whether I’m a professional yet, I am an important writer. (This is very much tongue a in cheek observation.)

So when do you think the tide turns from being a hobbyist, in your chosen field, to professional? I’m curious to hear your thoughts. Please let me know in the comments.

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  1. I think if you write then you are a writer. There is far too much gatekeeping about what makes someone a thing but when you add on the word professional then it’s gets a bit trickier but I think if you have earned money from your writing then you are definitely a professional writer.


    1. I think, for me, it’s the inner voice/critic that gatekeeps. She’s been quietened regarding being a writer. But the question of whether I’m a professional writer made me wonder. Thank you for your insight. N

  2. I am also my own worst enemy here. I don’t class myself as a writer as I’m not good enough, so I use the term blogger. And yes, I have been told off plenty of times!

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