Nature And Sculptures Raise A Smile

nature sculptures and breasts exposed by a lady kneeling inside a tree trunk

Unlike last week, when I was dining out with Loki, you don’t get to see my smile in this post. However, I can assure you it’s very much there. You know how much I love nature, and sculptures have now been added to my list of smile triggers. Especially after the summer trip to North Devon.

SWL and I discovered a forest play park at the end of a walk on our trip this summer.

Not far from our campsite was a heavily wooded valley, maintained by the National Trust. As such the paths were accessible and well signed meaning even we struggled to get lost on our walk down to the secluded, rocky bay. Have no fear though, we did manage it. We followed the dog (Bliss) rather than the signs and enjoyed a treacherous path to a wading pool. Returning to the path and then on to the beach we enjoyed some time on the rocks. The sky always looks so vibrant at rocky beaches, particularly after woodland walks.

Before long it was time to return to the car.

We retraced our steps along the muddy path, then followed my nose up the other side of the river and we ended up tumbling out of the well tended trail into a naturalised park. It was tastefully scattered with hand carved play equipment, hewn from fallen trees. From a slithering snake for climbing to ever ascending mushrooms for small feet to hop across. There were other beautifully crafted and playful works of art along the path through the clearing.

Unfortunately it was a relatively bright day.

This meant there were lots of other people taking advantage of the stunning setting to relax. Which, if you have children- or know people with them- you’ll understand the lure of a shaded play area. Lots of families were coming and going with their children, all enjoying the opportunity to let their children run wild and free amongst nature and our sculptures! After we’d spent much time admiring the different creatures in the wood SWL got her camera out and we looked closer at the owls. (I told you they were my constant companion!) Noticing us for the first time, the family who’d most recently arrived went off to skip across the posts. And in I crawled, into my hole in the trunk.

It wouldn’t be my Scavenger Hunt without sharing a fellow hunter’s work.

It is always such a joy to have an excuse to look at Our Changing Views blog. Their pictures are so warm and utterly charming. This week I’ve found their post Naked In Another Place. I now have the distinct impression I’m going to the wrong beaches! Though they haven’t blogged in a number of years, there is a treasure trove of work which they keep up for us to enjoy.

Scavenger Hunt Bronze

Nature and Sculptures Raise a Smile is my 93rd Scavenger Hunt post. I’m sorry that I didn’t share my smile today, however, I thought I’d share an extra one from far back. My twelfth post was Nothing Beats A great Smile.


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