Riding Rico

Riding Rico header image is the full image of a male sex doll.

I like to think I’m fairly clued up on the variety of sex toys available but occasionally I’m taken by surprise. When Tantaly approached me to review one of their dolls I took a trip over to their site with the full intention of declining the offer. You see, I didn’t realise there were “Male” dolls on the market. But there are, and I accepted the offer. Rico was sent to me in exchange for a fair and honest review, which is exactly what you’ve come to expect of me. Read on to find out about my experiences of riding Rico, and all of the other fun and games we got up to.

Let me tell you all about Rico.

When the DPD driver delivered the very large box, I have to admit to being little concerned. The box was heavy, understandably so as Rico weighs in at a hefty 12.5kg, which is almost 2 stone, but the dimensions of the box caused me most concern. If he took up the entire space then where would I stow the contents? Fortunately, the doll was mounted in moulded plastic packaging inside the large cardboard box. Fortunately both are recyclable, though I have no idea what my disposal operators thought when they took my plastics away the following week!

A large cardboard box was delivered by DPD.

While the body itself is heavy, it’s also incredible squishy. My hand disappeared into the flesh where his ribs would be, were Rico real. As a result, it bends and flops when it comes to moving him around, or clean it. Please don’t let that put you off though. As soon as it’s on a solid surface though, Rico holds his form perfectly.

Hand pressed into the squishy material of Rico's torso.

Size matters. So how big is Rico?

The dimensions are such that I can store him inside a small wheeled suitcase. He measures 39cm wide, by 58cm long. And when the penis is pressed in towards the body, the height is about 20cm. This doll is torso only, meaning there are no legs, arms or head. I’ll admit to being a bit concerned about this initially, but it has it’s benefits. Also, the torso is “ripped”, complete with defined pectorals and a ten pack to run your fingers over. Add to that the anus and rather impressive cock, and perhaps you have everything required for a hot and steamy session?

The length of the penis is just over 20cm with a generous circumference of 14cm. This was enough to satisfy me, but more on that later. The testicles are a tight sack rather than a dangling pair, if you rather a bigger ball sack Rico’s counterpart Edward may be the doll for you. The shaft has a metal structure inside which holds the form in place, ensuring the shaft stays in the position you require to hit the right spots.

Penile shaft is 20cm long, firm and with a metal structure inside.

Did I enjoy riding Rico?


Yes I did.

OK, so that’s the short answer. The longer answer is a little more complicated.

Initially I was a little intimidated by Rico. The idea of fucking a sex doll felt a little humiliating, and I had to make sure I was in the right head space for it. Fortunately, I love trying to humiliate myself for Sir so it didn’t take too long to get there and once I’d started the trials I was more than happy to keep testing.

My preference is for insertibles on the larger side, and I was not disappointed by the offering here. Due to nerves it took time to begin enjoying the full length of Rico, but his girth made for a satisfying stretch during warm up. The option of having a bendable yet firm penis is that it hits the spots that others sometimes miss. Or you can mould it to the shape of your absent lover, let your imagination take over.

Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of being on top.

It is a hit-and-miss position for me, sometimes the pleasure works and I erupt. Often times I get cramp in my hips from having my legs at an awkward angle. Does anyone else get this? Well, I have to stop and cock a leg, not the most attractive view for your lover! As I mentioned earlier, Rico is “just” a torso with a mouldable cock. The ability to change the penis direction takes away the hit-and-miss part of the pleasure. For me, at least. And the lack of lower body means that my legs can fold in behind me. I am pleased to report there was no cramp for me while riding Rico! And this meant I could continue while astride this sturdy dildo. Using a wand in one hand, and pulling at myself with the other, I brought myself to a gushing orgasm.

I wanted to add some vibrations, though was unconvinced it would work. The squishy TPE didn’t make me think it would carry the vibrations. All in the name of research though, I soldiered on! Using the anal orifice, I added a large vibrating plug. Then jumped on. Although I was aware that something different was occuring there was no rumbling up the shaft into my C-spot. But that’s not the end of the story. When I applied a wand to my clit I suddenly found the vibrations from beneath as well. The strength of them much less than if they were in my behind, but still there. Joining the dots.

So many ways to play.

As regular readers of my blog will know, I love rope. As a single mum I often have evenings home, alone. While I love to self tie I did enjoy having a mannequin to practise on. Sometimes it is just nice to tie someone else, even if that person is an inanimate object. Unfortunately a house move meant bunny and I parted ways, but Rico has provided me with a new playmate. And goodness me, this is an interesting partnership. The rope sticks to the TPE outer skin, and the flesh gives so those all important flesh bulges are visible. Rico is no substitute for a real life bunny, but I can now practise my cock and ball ties. Very exciting indeed!

Sex doll turned rope bunny

I love my strap on, but have never tried pegging. I thought this might be a good time to trial it. To discover if the pleasure I experience from fucking a pussy can be replicated with Rico’s anus. I’m pleased to say report the answer is Yes! The doll works well with for my strap on pleasure as well. I trialled two toys in this way, using a generous dollop of lube. One small and narrow (though nobbly) the other as long as Rico but a little more girthy. Both were accepted with little resistance, the second dildo, much larger, to a depth of 14cm.

Strap on being used anally

And when you finish playing?

Cleaning Rico is not as tricky as I thought, given his anal entry point. The website says “hold it open and rinse with water” so this is what I did. Internally at least, to clean up the lube, as well as washing externally too. Warm soapy water, a wet cloth, toy cleaner, any of these are easy ways to make sure Rico is in tip top condition for next time. Although TPE is non-toxic, and therefore technically body safe, it is porous. This means that it is not possible to sterilise entirely; infections, thrush and bacterial vaginosis (even faecal matter) can all hide in the outer layers. Once you are fluid bonded with Rico, you may wish to consider where else he is used. It’s also recommended to apply corn flour or talcum powder, to ensure the TPE is kept really clean and dry, and won’t tarnish or weaken as quickly.

On the subject of weakening, I’ve been being fairly rough with Rico for about a month now. The website says it’s a tear-resistant material, and I can attest to this. He has no broken flesh, in spite of my grabbing, tugging and simulated ripping. Even unconditioned jute rope hasn’t managed to cause any issues.. Nothing within my testing has damaged his outer skin. I’m not saying it is impossible, but, trust me, I’ve been trying!

Would I recommend riding Rico?

My experience with Rico have been a pleasant surprise! Yes, it is a fairly cumbersome toy which takes up a lot more room than a dildo. And, no, it doesn’t have a vibrating function. But it has proved its place in my collection. For me, the size and manoeuvrability of the shaft is a huge plus. Being able to go completely hands free, for using other toys works for me too. I struggle to have enough hands during my solo play time.

The opening up of another position is ace news, the hip cramps avoided by having space for my feet behind my bum. And for me I found I was able to indulge in some erotic humiliation. Self talk of “look at you having sex with a doll for Sir’s amusement” was a powerful addition to my orgasm toolkit. And once I had started to embrace the pleasure Rico provides… well, there’s nothing humiliating about getting my rocks off! The addition of some strap on play, along with a compliant rope bunny make Rico a good all rounder for me. I am looking forward to being able to include Rico in some play time with Sir, or a permitted lover. But I don’t believe for a minute that he will stay in hiding too long.

Rico in his big plastic bag, ready to go back under the bed.

The team at Tantaly have sent a 10% discount code for you to use: ALeapofFaith10 which can be used across the site, not just on Rico. I have used affiliate links in this post, so if you make a purchase after clicking through I will earn a small commission.

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  1. It sounds like a wonderful and useful toy, I have a few ideas of how I could incorporate one into my type of play lol

  2. Wow, this toy is still very much on my wishlist 🙂

    My husband has the female versions from Tantaly and I have to say: sometimes I’m quite jealous of him 🙂

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