Friends Who Play Together

Friends who play together with a doxy stimulating bare breasts

Now then, where was I before I got sidelined by gratitude? Right, I’d just spent a wonderful evening with Sir, cementing my submission to him. Or, as he described it, sharing the intense scene he had promised me 20 months before. I had then gone home to spend the weekend with my boys, my best friend and her dog. B was my first date, although we weren’t friends who play together at this point. We had, however, shared a number of firsts together over the years we have been friends.

Life has taken her down other exciting paths, but at the time she was an active swinger.

We would often compare notes, groan at profiles together, and even watched a man suck his own cock on WhatsApp together. I’m not sure there are many best friends who have that as a shared experience! (Something to tell the Grandchildren perhaps?) More important than any of this, B is an all round great woman. She has been my rock in challenging times, and I hope I have been able to give her the same unconditional love in return.

We have an intrinsic understanding of what each other needs, and on this evening I just needed to come back to my senses, quietly digesting the time I had spent with Sir. I also needed to write my email. Not only do these post-scene emails tell him what I did or didn’t enjoy, how I felt- during and immediately after. They are also a vital part of my aftercare routine. Once written a deep sleep came over me, the kind that only comes after an intense scene.

I was left feeling refreshed the following day.

Sir and I both knew that he would be travelling for work again the following week, but I wanted to make the most of having him around, so I asked for more tasks. I was happy to keep working for him over the weekend, and if he was able to leave me with something to keep me ticking over in his absence then I’d be over the moon.

As it turned out he had something for me to do over the weekend. Following on from a task earlier in the week, which I had completed, but awkwardly, he asked me to take the next little step with a woman. He didn’t have any preference as to what this would be, but it would need to stretch me and my comfort zones.

I had an idea, that wasn’t the hard part. No, asking B for her help was! I find asking for help INCREDIBLY difficult. Especially if I think that it will be hard for the person I’m asking.

We’d been friends who play together in the past, but would she want to now?!

I hate (!) to put people out. This is magnified when I imagine they will only say yes due to a misplaced sense of duty.

Naturally, Sir has always known this to be the case… even before I realised. But my tasks were never meant to be easy! And so I pushed past the discomfort and made my suggestion to her, outlining my plans. She gladly accepted, happy to help in my task. She popped out for snacks while I got my children to bed, then she jumped in the shower while I sorted my room out. Lined up the toys. Gathered my nerves…

When she came upstairs I was ready, kind of. The nerves threatened to overwhelm me. Had I pushed myself too far this time? Was I going to make myself look stupid? The plans I’d made seemed to have vanished from my head…

I was left floundering.


As we embraced the rope caught my eye. This was where I would start. Yes.

Picking up the rope I started to bind her. She looked pretty in my chest harness, but more than that, she looked relaxed. And with her tension melting away my mind monsters quieted down a little. The cloud that had covered my plans cleared, and with practised hands I bound each leg in a futomomo before connecting her to my bed. Legs akimbo she asked me what the plan was.

Shrugging, I picked up my largest butt plug and rested it on her tummy.

Giving her a wonky smile which caused her smile to falter. “No, I’m only teasing. I wouldn’t do that to you!” dropping it on the floor with a meaty THUNK. With that she was truly at ease, and I began to explore her body.

Each time I went down on her she would relax, enjoy, and then start laughing. Her body was enjoying the sensations, but her brain had other ideas. “N is going down on me!” was the thought that stopped her pleasure in it’s tracks and wrenched her back to the present. So I picked up the doxy, my primary play partner. I knew that she hadn’t used one before, and was very orgasmic so didn’t require much stimulation to reach the peak.

So I started off gently.

And each time she was almost there I’d ease off. B had warned me that she could only cum once, followed by extreme sensitivity. I’m not sure about anyone else, but knowing her the way I do, this sounded like a challenge.

Tying her to the bed seemed to be a wise decision. I’m sure she would have flown out of the skylight in my ceiling had I not! As her bowed body relaxed back into the mattress I gently touched the vibrating head into her mound, just above her sensitive clit. “Noooooo” she squealed. I asked her if that was a real no, or an anxious no that she’d rather try and push through. Her trust in me gave her the confidence to keep going.

This is just what happens when friends play together.

As the night progressed she slipped into her very own bubble of sub space. Her body and mind satisfied, I untied her and we slipped back downstairs for wine and cream cakes before a fantastic nights sleep for both of us.

Pleased with our adventure, Sir asked how we were both feeling the following day. It was with a huge smile that I was able to report back that B had asked me to thank him for the task. She’d had the best orgasms of her life, and learnt that she was able to achieve multiple orgasms. I had also thoroughly enjoyed the trust that she had in me, and the chance to give her some release.

That afternoon both B and Sir were both on the road.

B would be calling me when she got home, but I didn’t imagine I would hear from Sir until he was back on home soil again.

Yes, I was a little blue, two intense play scenes with two of my favourite people will do that to a girl! But with cuddly children, fresh marks and sensitive nipples for tweaking occasionally, life was feeling positively manageable.

Did you enjoy Friends who play together? Perhaps give I’m not making any plans a read. It’s all about another gorgeous woman and our developing friendship.


  1. It is certainly wonderful having friends who will do whatever it takes to help you achieve your dreams 😉

    Wjat a reward for completing your requestesd task 🙂

    1. We had such a fun night. And I’m glad she was happy for me to share the story and image. N x

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