Sinfully Shiny


Shiny happy people

I’ve worn my catsuit a number of times since I got it, housework is so much more fun in latex, but Thursday was the day I finally was made shiny!

Many thanks to my rubber loving friend… just about visible enjoying his reward.

Come and see what other people are up to:

Sinful Sunday


Sinfully Shiny was first published on A Leap Of Faith.


    1. A good catsuit is very forgiving in its fit. I love the way all of my wobbly bits are formed into sexy curves in this picture. But I stared with hoods about 6 months ago believing that latex would look awful. On my body…. Its a slippery slope!

    1. Thank you so much. Its definitely a spectacle, and one that I’ve enjoyed coming back to again and again

    1. I love it, I’m looking forward to attending events in it soon. Now it’s been given its first shine ?

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