naked women sharing her representation of beauty

Representation of Beauty?

naked women sharing her representation of beauty


“I can’t think of a better representation of beauty than a person who is  unafraid to be [them]self”

~~Emma Stone~~

Sometimes I struggle with my body confidence.

While I don’t really worry what people I don’t know think of me, when my confidence takes a tumble the fear creeps in that I may not be “enough”. And as that takes over so I reduce the amount of Me that I share. I’m not talking about my physical exhibitionism, I mean the more intimate laying bare of my soul to the one man  (indeed, person) whose opinion is golden.

He gives me the space to process these thoughts. Never rushes in to fix.

And when I reflect on why I feel so “urgh” about this (actually, pretty incredible) piece of flesh that I call home. A recent realisation put this into focus for me. It has never really been about what I look like. Well, not since leaving a world where my “flaws” were pointed out and mocked at any given opportunity.

Sir and the community have seen to that!

It’s about what my body can do.

And my body does some pretty awesome things. Recently, it has been a little less capable. And Sir and I are working on this together, this has been a revelation.

Slowly, my stiff, aching limbs are creaking back into life. And with that new life comes the resurgence of embracing me. A gentle loving, whole heartedly representation of my own beauty.

Sinful Sunday
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  1. You are a beautiful person inside and out. I know confidence can fail us at times, but having those important people in life to remind us of how beautiful we are because of our flaws and who we are, really is a wonderful thing.
    ~ Marie xox

  2. Ahh yes, celebrating all the wonderful things my body can do always helps me to see it in a more positive and happy light. Yoga, walking, running, all the places it carries me too and all the amazing pleasures it gives to me and the people I share it with. Amazing and beautiful just like you


  3. It’s horrible when our confidence wobbles but enjoying and celebrating our bodies does help find some balance again.

  4. A gorgeous image, and you should celebrate the wonders of your body. I hope from this image, and the positive comments, you can begin to see yourself as others do – a wonderful, sexy, self assured being able to do many amazing things.

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