Christmas tree made out of naked legs, green rope and purple baubles.

Decorated Christmas Tree.

Decorated Christmas tree made out of naked legs, green rope and purple baubles.

When CC sent me a picture of a human decorated Christmas tree a couple of seeks ago I chuckled to myself and thought it looked fun. Like something I would love to do. My brain is like a colander at the moment though, and I promptly forgot my plans! Then, a few days ago Charlie sent me her Christmas wishes with a photo attached. A glorious recreation of this exact same tie.

This time with her as the decorated Christmas tree.

Honestly, it’s an amazing picture of a gorgeous woman. Go and check her out over on twitter. This was just the reminder I needed to get my ropes out!

I knew I’d have time to tie today as my children are with their dad for Christmas. I love to do things just for me when they’re away so I knew I’d be home alone. And therein lay the problem.

I would be alone…

Both images I’d seen had the model tied and photographed by other people!

Not to be discouraged I set about my mission with gusto.

I do love a challenge, after all. Removing baubles from my tree I discovered I only had a few with those wire hooks which would work. And completing the ladder tie blind (as I was working behind my legs) was not conducive to neat rope work. But there weren’t enough branches so I added some more in. Once bound I had to wriggle into position and capture the moment…

Thanks to my little tripod, the timer on my phone and some semblance of flexibility and strength returning I was able to capture some pictures. A collection of images with bent legs, missing feet and blurry ropes have given me lots of giggles. Finally I pulled it out of the bag with this one, kind of. Not before the angel had fallen off of my bare toes!

All that’s left to say is Merry Christmas, from this very daft, decorated “tree”.

Sinful Sunday

With thanks to CC and Charlie, for sharing the inspiring images, I have managed to maintain my Christmas spirit. Perhaps this heralds a happier ending/fresh start to my history of grouchy festivities? Which mean my Decorated Christmas Tree definitely fits with the December prompt for Snake Den A-Z


  1. I’ve seen a few images like this and thought I might give it a go but decided I would struggle on my own. This is a fabulous version and well done! You look incredibly festive and sexy.
    Missy x

    1. I think it would be a lot less of a struggle with a trigger and a proper camera? I was using the 10 second timer on my phone camera, with the sound on so I could hear the shutter sound. Ridiculous, certainly but it made me giggle right through Christmas afternoon! N x

  2. This is truly amazing. Even getting this shot with someone to help you would be something but the fact you managed the whole thing alone, well that is incredible


  3. I’m drawn to this photo and have come back to it several times.
    I just want to say that it’s beautiful – incredible really.

    Thank you for the work you put into it.

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