Bunny Beautifully Bound And Tortured

Bunny, beautifully bound, partially suspended and then mildly tortured on her bed.

I’m a day early with my B post for the A-Z April Blogging Challenge, but I wanted to share this picture for the Sinful Sunday prompt of Unusual Perspectives. As I couldn’t do both in their correct timeframe I decided to make up the rules. (Again.) Given that she is often to be found tied, what exactly is it that gives this photo of the beautifully bound Bunny an unusual perspective?

Let me explain…

Bunny is someone I love to spend time with. She’s great company and we have a lot of shared interests. Wild swimming, walking, cycling, yoga, food… I could go on but this post is about rope and different perspectives so I shall come back full circle. We share a passion for rope.

The bound Bunny does suffer beautifully in my ropes, do you remember when I tied her to the bannisters? Go see her, if you haven’t already, then come back and finish reading here.

That picture is an unusual angle, and had I not shared already it would likely have been my first choice for the prompt. But I’m pleased it was already out of commission because this is a different perspective on me as a rigger. Actually, it’s a different aspect of my kinky lifestyle in general.

I would generally describe myself as a masochist who likes to share. In a similar way that I’d describe myself as an occasional top who enjoys guiding someone into submission. But before I can explore these avenues there needs to be trust. So much discussion comes around the topic of trust in relation to bottoms making themselves vulnerable to the top. How much trust we need to have in them, to allow them to take us to our deepest depths and desires. But what about the other way round?

How does this relate to my poor, tormented bunny?

As a rigger I start small with a double, or single column tie, or a Chest harness (or Shinju), slowly building trust in their communicability. (Not sure that I didn’t make that word up?) For me and Bunny this has been an interesting journey. She goes non-verbal in rope space. Beyond that she didn’t quite know how to communicate discomfort in ropes, even if she wasn’t spacey.

We had lengthy discourse around the subject and agreed how she would tell me if things felt wrong, and that I wouldn’t be able to be mean to her if she didn’t feel she could share. I can’t keep her safe if she won’t tell me what’s occurring. Spoiler: I’m not a mind reader! She listened and, when I had strung her up on our friends staircase I was over the moon when she shared that her back was getting tired, she couldn’t sustain the position much longer.

I can’t speak for every rigger, dominant or top out there but you have no idea how happy her comment made me! She trusted me to listen to her complaint without making her feel like a rubbish bunny. I now trusted her to tell me something is off. That’s powerful stuff in any developing friendship, but when you’re playing on the edges of safety, toying with suffering, it’s a different level of happy.

But again, I’ve wandered off track. The bound and beautifully elegant Bunny being tormented in my ropes didn’t happen immediately after the stairs. There was a whole ‘nother month before I’d get to tie her again.

A dawn swim and a hearty breakfast followed by mutual pain.

Sounds like the perfect Sunday morning, right?

And this is where the unusual perspective comes in. I don’t share my tormentor side on here very often. More often than not I am the bunny, sometimes bound beautifully by Loki, other times I’m turned into goo by 1001011, and also I am my own rope top+bottom. While I do share my friends in my rope, the public side of my rope topping seems to come from a softer side. But ohhhh, I do so love to share the pain… Watch my friends suffer…

The tie itself wasn’t particularly sadistic. The armbinder comfortable for Bunny’s shoulders, the futomomo bound her beautifully flexible legs. It wasn’t until I hoisted her foot to the ceiling that she started to become more uncomfortable. Sadistic riggers do well to hurt me (consensually), I feel the delightful sensations, revel in them and store them away for future use.

So Bunny has 1001011 to thank for my next move. (Blameless Barefoot?)

Attaching a carabiner to the futo, I twisted the rope, tightened the slack, drew the lines in around her shin in a way I know feels soooo good. Her whimpering moans were so sexy. Responsibility drew me away from my own arousal, how was she doing? Assured she was doing well I continued. With each twist came a fresh little moan. With each moan came more moisture, both of us getting a deviant thrill from our side of the ropes.

Of course, you can have too much of a good thing. Before long her whimpers, which had been accompanied by blissful relaxation, came with a gentle frown. I didn’t want to cause deep furrows on her forehead and all too soon it was time to untie her and be safely back in the land of friendship and equals.

So there it is, my unusual perspective. A glimpse at my sadomasochistic tendencies. I have a sneaking suspicion you might be seeing more of this as time passes, like I said, things are changing a little over here. And while my real world friends have known this of me (since before I did) it’s quite a new insight for you, my friends here on the blog.

Sinful Sunday

#AtoZChallenge 2023 letter B

Bunny – Beautifully Bound And Tortured is also part of my efforts to complete Mrs Fever’s 43 writing prompts for 2023. The rest of my posts can be found in the post Lists, Prompts And Inspiration, as I link them up.

This post is for prompt 38 – Suffering.


  1. Oh wow, I love seeing the tie from the rigger’s perspective rather than the overall shot, I think I actually get the appeal of tying now!

    1. Hehe, my love of tying is evolving. From the pride I had for it as a beginner (to put rope on and take it off) now, as a developing rigger, I’m much more about the function of the rope and what I can (consensually) make my toy do in those bindings. And the more I grow in confidence over the flow and safety within a rope scene the more I love it. Finding this photo again has reminded me of my love of being a mincy rigger.

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