Become A Queen For The Day

A chess piece pawn has become a queen by adding a gold crown on top.

There’s a story I’ve been wanting to share for a while, a friend I wanted to introduce. But I’ve had to wait until the right time in my story. As luck would have it, this week the revelations prompt is Queen, which couldn’t be more perfect. After attending peer rope with Slave Lytton I met the Welshman and learnt that a pawn can become a queen. It’s not just in chess, but kink too! Confused? Well, you’d better keep reading!

Time to introduce the Welshman.

You know how sometimes you meet someone and things seem to make sense? Even the stuff that has never made sense before. I guess it’s what you might call chemistry. Or connection. I’ve only experienced it a handful of times, with my magic people, my inner circle.

As you might have guessed, when I met the Welshman things felt very much like this. I say I met him, initially we were speaking on fabswingers. One of the few deeply deviant fetishists on the platform. He is a switch, a latex fan, a dab hand with impact play and restraints. He is also a very sweet, kind and respectful man. We hit it off immediately.

The strangest thing happened, as our friendship blossomed. This submissive, masochistic rope slut found herself on a slippery slope. The Welshman was (is) a very tempting proposition. Tall, strong, sparkly eyed, kinky, switch, but top-leaning (I guessed in those early days). But he also had a propensity for lingerie and being caged. He made ideas float into my mind, thoughts that had rarely touched the surface, fancies that this submissive would have struggled to acknowledge in other dynamics.

I craved having my own plaything.

Unlike my sporadic play with Mr Marks, which was fun with my friend, this felt like a different level. I actively sought out ways to top him, carved out time to have a video call, gave him little jobs to do. And he was so, so sweet with his efforts.

One evening I asked him to join me for a play online, once my parenting duties were complete. We both had an inflating, vibrating butt-plug – one of my favourite toys – and I had an idea. When I get one of these it’s usually a good idea for the faint hearted to run away! Fortunately for me, he didn’t, and I got to put his good taste in toys, and my tentative plans, to the test.

The Welshman introduced me to Queen Barefoot.

Or perhaps that should be “I introduced the Welshman to Queen Barefoot.” Or maybe “Queen Barefoot introduced herself to the pair of us.” Whatever happened, I had a new energy to contend with. This time internal.

During our (my?) little game his sparkly eyes glistened, we giggled (or I did, at least). A smiling, humour-laced “how about one more little pump” seemed to encourage his fist to squeeze the bulb, inflating the plug a little more, stretching his ass wider. I wasn’t leaving all the work to him. With each request I would pump mine up too, showing him that I expected him to follow.

The video call continued until bed beckoned, we said our farewells, cleaned ourselves up and settled back into our own routines. Conversation continued, and we made plans for tea and cake in a cafe local to me. The day we met was like meeting up with one of your oldest of friends.

He treated me like a Queen.

Or perhaps I should say He treated me like the Queen I had caught a glimpse of in the tiny screen on our video call. Placing our order (much to the amusement of my cafe owner friend), pouring my tea, ensuring I had everything I needed. This strong, independent and bloody minded woman isn’t used to such treatment!

While I bathed in his attentions, it was still unfamiliar territory for me. For the longest time my fab profile said that I was “submissive to Sir but elsewhere just loving exploring my kinks”. But this was a new phase in the world of barefoot. Was I ready to take the reins? Have my very own submissive? Be his Queen? Maybe I was overstepping the mark as the worries crowded in. We hadn’t discussed a dynamic, were just enjoying our developing friendship. And for me, I was enjoying the hop, skip and jump down a different path.

But this path was full of trip hazards and potholes…

Not the kind of path I would have in my kingdom were to became a Queen. Nope. But with so many questions in mind I knew I had to reach out to someone. By this point, I was well aware of the Scavenger Hunt Queen, (Modesty Ablaze) and her Domme adventures. I’d read her stories about stepping into her role and so I reached out and asked how does a Queen become a Queen. It was such a joy to chat to K, who told me about some workshop style training she had attended. She helped me see that it needn’t be as challenging a learning curve as I’d imagined. It just required energy, connection and chemistry. As well as natural curiosity, a desire to expand my skill set, and a willing partner.

Simple really! Would I soon be reigning supreme?

I think you can probably work that one out for yourself. I met The Welshman back in Autumn 2018 and you’ve seen many of my submissive adventures since then. But perhaps there is a seed which might one day sprout. Or perhaps it already has, just without the proper conditions for it to thrive.

What has thrived though is my friendship with The Welshman. This man is one of the kindest, gentlest men I know, and I’m so pleased to be able to introduce him to you now. Do we get to meet up so he can pour me tea, serve me slices of Lemon Drizzle cake? No, sadly not. We both have full lives, and live far apart. However, a long distance friendship is not diminished by the miles. And his sparkles are never far away.

This is the latest chapter in the story behind the blog. If you’ve not read any before you can dip in and out of the posts or start at the beginning. The next post will be coming soon. Please do subscribe (in the sidebar) if you want to stay up-to-date.

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  1. Totally agree about long distance friendship. I have had a few and they have been some of the best friendships I ever had


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