A-Z April armbinder featuring The vaux

Awesome Armbinder

A-Z April armbinder featuring The vaux

I’m opening A-Z April with an awesome armbinder. The image I’ve shared was taken years back at a local rope munch. I’d managed to bag myself a very willing bunny, a lovely man, The Vaux, of Krafty Kink Designs. I am lucky to have tied him a number of times. And I look forward to tying him again, when the opportunity presents itself. Which will hopefully be at sometime this year!

I love armbinders, and shared some self-tie efforts in the post Frozen Moments. They aren’t the easiest thing to self tie, and once you’re in it’s tricky to get a nice photo. For these reasons I don’t recommend you start out trying to tie yourself this way.

I have found chairs great to practise on initially. To get the basics into my fingers. But when a real live bunny is being bound that presents an altogether different set of challenges. Getting the tension just right can be very tricky. As people relax what happens to their arms? They move more freely, and so, your once tight bindings can go loose and baggy.

But it is well worth persevering.

Especially if you can find a compliant rope buddy to practise on!

Practise, practise and more practise. That’s what I am looking forward to now.

If you fancy a challenge, here is Twisted Monk’s Dragonfly armbinder tutorial. The first one of it’s kind that I attempted. Though… I wasn’t altogether successful the first few times.#AtoZChallenge 2021 badge

Have you enjoyed the post: Awesome Armbinder? You might enjoy seeing me practise ties on my friend B in the post A collage of rope.


  1. It’s such a uniform ladder! I don’t know how to tie worth a damn, so the simplest things take me 17 hours and I need my bunny’s help to hold my phone screen so I can watch the tutorial (again) while I work. *laugh*

    And then when we’re done, I’m like… Wow, it looks like Spiderman threw up in here… 😋

    1. Hehe, some of my favourite ties are spider-vomit! As for this tie, the vaux is very easy to tie with. He’s super flexible and stays where you put him.

      If you are using YouTube tutorials, try popping them on half speed. Or even quarter speed. It helps!

    1. I love to be tied too. I just need to stop tying everyone up before they get a chance to bind me!

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