Barefoot in a fabulous futomomo

Fabulous Futomomo

Barefoot in a fabulous futomomo

Yesterday, Barefoot’s bondage A-Z showed the exciting Ebi tie. Today I am sharing the fabulous Futomomo.

The translation of Futomomo is plain and simple- “Thigh”, though this Shibari title is often believed to mean “Fat Thigh” or “Knee to thigh”.

When I first saw this technique being used I was terrified, it looked so hard to do. And then I learnt to self bind it, which led to an enduring love affair. I’ll often use it in my warm up for a ropey afternoon, like this image captured by Exposing40. The wrapping of the jute soothes me, the hitches switch on my fingers and the patterns spark up my focus.

Funny how 8m of rope can do so much, isn’t it?

Eventually I would like to suspend with the futomomo. I’ve done partial suspensions with my arm tied in the futo style, and felt comfortable and secure. But full flight from one “Fat Thigh”? Now that is a dream to be realised. Until I have got the hang of safer, right-side-up suspension (and have a spotter on hand) I shall continue to just enjoy this for floor work, warm up, and art. One of the tricks I keep up my sleeve in my bondage arsenal. (OK, I’m over-egging the pudding there! But it really does bolster my confidence, being able to secure myself in this way.)

The tie I’ve shared above is part of an art task for Sir.

Mila joined me in creating a yin yang pattern. Opposites in our individually fabulous Futomomo. She, with her long dark hair, pale skin and black rope. Me, with my white blonde locks, sheer black body stocking and natural jute. Perhaps one day I will share the completed piece here, but today you get to enjoy this edit, courtesy of Gentlenewman on Twitter, and Mila’s post here: Curled up into a ball.

Shibari Elements has a pretty good video tutorial, if you fancy having a go. I’d love to hear how you get on, when you do. #AtoZChallenge 2021 badge


You can find another fabulous Futomomo adventure in the post Captured in self bondage.



    1. I’m using creative license this month. Not quite a tie for every letter, but there is something I love about bondage for each. Though it was touch and go when I realised I’d doubled up a couple of times with Japanese and English being used. Poor planning on my part. But disaster has been avoided and I’m looking forward to sharing the rest of the themed posts

    1. It’s not something I’ve had struggles with, but i know a couple of riggers who find using braided cotton easier on their fingers. It’s soft, stretchy, supple and doesn’t vibrate when pulled through. And as cotton is natural it doesn’t overheat on the pull through.

    1. I had so much fun too. Its great fun getting creative with friends, even when we’re in different countries!

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