SWL topless and in a sexy shinju munenawa or chest harness.

Sexy Shinju Munenawa

SWL topless and in a sexy shinju munenawa or chest harness.

Yesterday we looked at Rigger’s Rights. Today, in Barefoot’s Bondage A-Z I wanted to share the sexy Shinju Munenawa.

Translated from Japanese, Shinju means pearl, and Munenawa is chest rope. Together they make a tie on the chest without binding the arms. This is such an achievable style of tie for those new to rigging. The first time Sir tied me he included a chest harness. I recall him holding me upright as my legs threatened to buckle beneath me. And when I started self-tying, a simple chest harness provided my first venture away from single and double column ties for me, with a remote rope session with JayDS.

However, I’ve shared a lot of my self tied breasts. On this occasion I thought you deserved to see things much clearer. As we have seen before, SWL has very bind-able breasts, and as I was tying her into an Ebi posture it seemed like good practise to showcase her bosom once more.

The hitch is one I learnt through Loki. I love the way that it lifts breasts and presents them for display. Previously I learnt the name, but sadly that nugget of information has fallen out of my head. Perhaps this is understandable when you consider the distractions in the image above.. The closest thing to a tutorial I can find is this post on junctions from the Duchy. But if anyone knows the name, or even better, has a tutorial, please do comment below or send me a message on my contact form or via my twitter.#AtoZChallenge 2021 badge

Did you enjoy the sexy Shinju Munenawa? You might like to see another chest harness: Born to be real, not perfect.


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