This Tie Is (Not) Over.

A collection of bondage transitions showing that "just because this tie is over, doesn't mean the scene has to end."

There is something about the idea that “just because this tie is over, doesn’t mean the scene has to end.” This was something 1001011 said during our first time tying together, as he put me through my paces in a seated tie my back got tired so he undid a rope, rebound me in slightly different way. (I thought I’d shared a picture from this set, but I can’t find it! If you’d like a memory of that day then have a look at Mountains Of The Sky.)

While looking through photos of our most recent evening of rope, I was reminded of this conversation.

Of the rye laughter that followed. Why? Viewed in isolation, the above pictures tell one story. But when put together I’m transported back fifteen months to our first time in his rope studio.

We’d been playing around with the Pumpkin idea, and also had been playing with a chair. (You’ll have to keep an eye out for the next Sinful Sunday prompt to see any of this tie.) Over cake and a cuppa we discussed how to spend the next part of the evening. I found a gorgeous drawing, by JimbobVendredi (you might remember him from some artwork I commissioned) It was a lady in a black dress, in an inverted suspension from a booty harness. Gorgeous!

So, 1001011 and I set to work.

I hadn’t been up there long when the thigh ropes became more uncomfortable than I could manage. To say I was frustrated with myself when he lowered me to the floor would be an understatement. I love flying, and inverted suspensions are my happy place. Pain too. So why couldn’t I cope??

Before I had time to frown he tied a double column tie round my wrists, cynched them in to my ankles. OK, now I wasn’t just not frowning, I was grinning.

And after he’d had his fill of Jelly Babies I was manoeuvred and bound further. Face rope, neck rope, arms tied in tightly.

In the third picture I was floating off into rope space, the drool not quite escaping my lips.

Had we stopped when the thigh rope became too uncomfortable I’d have pinged back to normality immediately. But the transitions and changing sensations and pauses all served to remind me that “just because this tie is over, doesn’t mean the scene has to end.”

Sinful Sunday


  1. When we first started out being D/s back inthe dark ages I used to be worried about using my safeword because I didn’t want everything to stop. Took me a bit of time to learn to trust that he knew that and would check in and then adapt. It is so important to have that convesation I think so that everyone can be confident.


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