A delightful double column tie on ankles

Delightful Double Column Tie

A delightful double column tie on ankles

On Saturday I shared my love of coarse coir rope with you for barefoot’s bondage A-Z. Today  marks the start of the second week, and I want to begin by delivering a delightful double column tie.

Single- and double-column ties lay the foundations for many, more complicated ties. As a result they will often be some of the first ties you learn.

They certainly were for me.

My early self-tying lessons were gleaned from YouTube videos, and I believe they are a great place to start. Hanawa gives a good introductory video on both of these basic ties, but there are so many tutorials to choose from, find the one that works for you.

A column is an item that you want to tie.

Whether that is an arm, an ankle, a waist, even a chair leg. Tie one of these, or even two together as one, and you’ll need to use a single column tie. Joining two of these columns together separately and you need to use a double column tie. I love to practise these, and can sometimes be found on a tor doing exactly that.

A quick, simple and useful rope fix.

Like I said, these ties are the basic building blocks of shibari. A starting point for growing in confidence and experimenting. I discovered that, using a hank of rope, and two columns, I could create a bondage spreader bar. It was another YouTube tutorial that helped me on my way to this one. I can’t find that one now, but it is just a wide/loose double column tie with the working ends wrapped around the bight, all the way from one column to the next. With cotton rope it was still quite bendy and flexible initially, but once I started using jute they became stiffer, more… secure!

And sometimes I like to get back to my rope bag and immobilise myself quickly at the wrists or ankles. Just for the hell of it.


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Have you enjoyed reading my thoughts on the delightful double column tie? You can find me in another version of this tie here: A bound body frees the mind.


    1. I did try walking to the shoe cupboard after taking this. It did not go well! (Which is why I havent shared a sexy heels image) n x

  1. This is one I can’t wait to practice on pet. Thank you for sharing and I hope you have recovered after trying to walking with it. 😉

    1. Nothing but bruised pride 😉 fortunately I’m always looking for ways to fulfill my humiliation kink!
      I hope that pet behaves for you!

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