I am…. Sinfully me


This is my carefree,

this is my freedom,

this is MY HAPPY

I am….Me.

Authentically me…

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Sinful Sunday
I am…. Sinfully Me was first published on A Leap Of Faith.



  1. This is gorgeous. You’ve captured the moment fabulously with this image. I agree with the others it’s like a painting. Serene but also so sensual.
    Missy x

  2. Saw this as a thumbnail and thought WOW! Really great rope patterns, love how tightly you are tied and how happy you look in your bondage. Great carefree image.

  3. I love your freckles!!! The setting for this is phenomenal – dark and natural; a bit sinister, but your smile makes it playful at the same time. And wow, what beautiful rope work!

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