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Imagine the scene. I’m sat with a steaming mug of tea, checking through my emails with bleary eyes. As I scroll through I spot one from a favourite blogger, entitled: 43 for 23: 43 Writing Ideas for Blogging in 2023. My eyes creaked open a notch and I clicked the link which would bring me to the post. Mrs Fever is a blogger who I come back to often, I often find inspiration among her words, and love to stumble across her lists and self inspiration projects and prompts.

That said, I rarely feel clever enough to comment on her posts- it takes a while for my brain to process and respond, so the words I end up deleting upon initial reading often read back as mind-numbingly dull. I am incredibly grateful to Mrs Fever for sharing her lists of writing ideas, but not content with enjoying her list as inspiration and prompts for my own writing, I set up a category for the posts but something was still feeling a little off.

With many memes closing last year, I was sad to see Wicked Wednesday go.

Before she finished the last link up that Marie hosted was Bingo, complete with a bingo board of prompts and inspiration rather than weekly lists. Having a visual list to work through and check off, as described in Mrs Fever’s post, made a lot more sense and ties in with the behind-the-scenes blog work I have planned over the coming months. So here is a plagiarised list (shared with consent- Thank you so much Mrs Fever!) where I shall add the links as I go, so I can see what inspiration I have left to work through.

Maybe you’d like to join in too?

  1. Art
  2. Intimacy
  3. Uniqueness
  4. Regret
  5. Resilient
  6. I am scared of…
  7. Friends & Lovers
  8. Letters
  9. A piece of furniture
  10. Best & Worst
  11. What is your favorite sound?
  12. Belonging
  13. Enthralled
  14. Duty
  15. Knowing
  16. Something that was different than expected
  17. Influence
  18. Endurance
  19. Map
  20. Dissonance
  21. Forgotten
  22. Muscles
  23. Companion
  24. Voices
  25. Virginity
  26. Risk
  27. Ancestors
  28. Destruction
  29. Special Place
  30. Quiet
  31. Returning
  32. In the shade
  33. Silence
  34. Rural
  35. Sweltering
  36. Maybe
  37. What if…
  38. Suffering
  39. Night
  40. Shoebox
  41. Wilderness
  42. River
  43. Enough

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  1. I miss wicked Wednesday too, but totally understand why she had to do away with it. As for the topics you shared, I think “intimacy” and “regret” are the two that really stood out (amongst a list of GREAT topics to write on). Thank you for the inspiration! XOXO

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