Autumn is my favourite season header image shows black and white image of a lady lying on the forest floor, tied in a spider web design and holding a pumpkin.

Autumn Is My Favourite Season

Autumn is my favourite season header image shows black and white image of a lady lying on the forest floor, tied in a spider web design and holding a pumpkin.

Autumn is my favourite season. I always thought this was relief after the heat of summer. But even as I am becoming a fan of the sunshine, wet, windy and chilly Autumn remains in top spot. I know in the UK we aren’t altogether blessed with settled weather in the summer time, or any time, but I love the predictability of the unpredictable Autumn storms.

The muddy puddles, gales, pea-soup fog and driving rain.

Sign me up for this please! I have a number of fantasies which centre on being outdoors in these conditions. Further scenarios focus on the mild frost that happens after the first cold, clear and crisp nights. And then, because I’m a dirty girl, I know I just want to get down and dirty in the leaves, whether they conceal cold dark puddles or rest on a mulchy forest floor.

As the weather and temperature shifts into gear, the scents of my favourite season start to stimulate my senses. The freshness of the rainwashed fields, the smoke from the first house fires being lit in the streets and the enveloping and dense aromas of the forest as it settles in for the winter. I’ve spoken before about the association between my sense of smell and my desires, and with the passing of the stifling heat I become more aware of what is going on in the natural world.

My energy arrives with the return of Autumn, my preferred time of year.

Perhaps the russet tones of fall spark a fire in my soul. I know, I know, the summer is bright and sunshiny. In the UK it’s often lush and green. Big skies and the ability to be scantily clad without being chilly. I’m waking up to summer, at last! But it does drain me in a way I don’t fully understand. I really come alive when the natural world is preparing for sleep in a last blaze of glory before the cold, damp and grey winter arrives.

After 38 rotations around the sun, I’m well qualified to know my likes and dislikes.

Certainly when it comes to the UKs (mostly) unchanging patterns. I haven’t had the opportunity (yet) to see what these seasons are like in far flung corners of the world. However, my kinky explorations have given me a different insight into my favourite season at home. Sir and I came into each others lives at the turn of the season. The first time I met M was an early autumn day. The first time I tied outside with Loki, and the second, yup, Autumn.

Last year I was able to get out into the wild with a new friend.

Prior to this we’d only enjoyed time together indoors. This was such a treat, to share our mutual happy place. I don’t know if you recall my Halloween image from last year? Well, she took it. But as I mentioned last year it was her first time specifically in front of the camera. She’d been tasked with creating some images for her sir. This was helpful as she managed to relax fully into the afternoon. With these out of the way we had free rein to create some fun pictures. So I got the rope out and attempted a tie I’d never tried before.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I’m so lucky to have such wonderful, patient and sexy friends that let me tie them up and take pictures of them. Or that tie me up and take pictures of me. (Or any other in a long list of cheeky and kinky games.) With all of these wonderful memories centring around a season of such dramatic change I’m sure you must agree… It’s no surprise that Autumn is my favourite season.

I wonder, which one do you prefer? And why?

Autumn is my favourite season footer image shows colourful image of a lady lying on the forest floor, tied in a spider web design and holding a pumpkin.
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I love the edit on the top image, and really wanted to share for monochromerotic. However, I didn’t want to not share the celebration my favourite season, Autumn, in all its vibrant (and completely unfiltered) glory. Two pictures, for my


  1. I’m loving the color version of your photo — all the reds and oranges make it a very “fall” picture. But the black & white is good too; it gives your tie a spider-web vibe.

  2. What a great image! I love autumn too – almost as much as spring – Autumn makes me feel calm and the colours are so visually pleasing, it is hard not to find something nice about autumn
    May x

  3. The image is lovely, N. I think my favorite is the B&W, simply because I love B&W photos. As you, autumn is my favorite season. Interesting that you mention summer drains your energy, and it made me wonder if that’s the case for me too. I enjoy the warmer weather, but always love it more when autumn arrives.
    ~ Marie xox

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