Opportunity knocks. Temptation knocks the door down.

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At the end of the last post I shared about an opportunity Sir had laid out for me: “Give a man more than he bargains for. You set the level. Impress me.” This was the third part of my next task, and the one that excited me most; but which part really got me worked up? I could go out and meet a man, with the full intention of having sex with him. Whether I got that far or not was my call, because could set the level. Really though…it was those two words on the end.

Impress me.

It was like a red rag to a bull. Not only did I get to push myself to do something that I really wanted to do, I could do it safe in the knowledge that I wasn’t even doing it for me. And the further I could push myself, the happier he would be… Win:win! What an opportunity?! I set about finding a man. Fortunately I was still on bemydom, and there was no shortage of men hoping to get some action. I had been approached by a man whose profile said “no married women please” so I rejected him with a polite message. He replied and after a brief exchange I decided that he was the one for me.

We arranged to meet for coffee on the Sunday, in a city half way between the two of us.

A nice public spot, safe for a single lady to meet a stranger. Beyond that I had no fixed plan, I would just wing it. I had to make a plan for getting away in the morning, and I had two other tasks to be getting on with over the weekend as well. Oral on my husband, completed. Stretching vaginally and anally, both depth and girth. I assumed this would be difficult, but I had not realised how little interest P had in my life. This played out nicely for me, and while he would be watching films, playing computer games and talking via messenger and text with his friends I would have stacks of free time to go about my business.

Sunday morning arrived, a beautiful, sunny september afternoon.

I was in my car heading west. He was in his car heading north. We must have parked at the same time as when I walked onto the cathedral green he was walking along in front of me…so I sent him a text. M turned around and I knew I had made the right choice. We went for a coffee, chatted in the sunshine, laughed and joked. Then I suggested we go for a walk, and I took his hand leading him away from the crowds. I surprised him by taking him in my mouth while leaning his back against the rear of the cathedral… The look on his face…. Oh this was going to be fun!!

We returned to the green and lay on the grass in the sunshine, him returning the pleasure in a more discreet way. I now understood why Sir liked skirts and bare legs, though it seems I can be a little slow on the uptake! He then suggested we find a room, but I didn’t want to pay for somewhere when al-fresco was so good, and yet so bad. Have I mentioned I love the great outdoors? The exploration of my boundaries continued on a walk around the quays. In a park there was a very suitable (and we guessed much used) hollow bush. Oh, the things we did in that bush, just ten paces from the footpath.

On discussion with sir afterwards he thought some of my ideas had been almost Domme, but I assured him I was just dirty.

The temptation to fully engage with this task was too great, and the only thing we hadn’t done was anal. That was a conscious decision on my part as during the week I had been told that I was to save my orgasms for when I would be meeting sir and…well… anal has quite an effect on me.

I didn’t want to push myself too far in one task, and risk going wrong in another.

We continued our trip round the city and he walked me back to my car, my pleasure dripping down my thighs. Driving home thinking about the day I had just enjoyed, I was awash with energy. The freedom that I felt, giving in to my carnal desires. The joy that I felt, knowing that I had done my absolute best for Sir. I knew that I had been unfaithful to my husband but I felt no shame or guilt and that was what surprised me… The lack of conflict was certainly a relief.

I was finding my true self again, and loving shedding my vanilla bonds.

You can continue the story on from Opportunity knocks. Temptation Knocks The Door Down in this post: He Walked Into My Heart Like He Always Belonged There.


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