Slipping away header image shows a lady exposing her breasts at the bottom of a boat ramp in a harbour.

Slipping Away

Slipping away header image shows a lady exposing her breasts at the bottom of a boat ramp in a harbour.

The week is slipping away already. I know, I know, It’s only Tuesday but still. My plans for the week are uncertain and could explode (in a good way) at any moment. Or they might not, but I don’t want to waste the opportunity to get my weekly Scavenger Hunt location.

My 86th Scavenger Hunt location was, once again, found in North Devon.

It may have been a chilly day on the Bristol Channel, but it was a productive one. Dodging our fellow holiday makers, and getting the angles just right to avoid the picnickers up above made us both giggle. Moments after SWL captured this image we both laughed really hard, me from a new vantage point and her, helpless across an algae coated cobble path. No sooner had I covered myself up that I felt my feet lose traction, helpless as they went slipping away across the slimy green.

Landing smartly on my backside in the damp grime.

Perhaps it had been inevitable, and I was definitely a lucky lady not to have taken a tumble with my breasts still exposed. Or even a few minutes later when the encroaching tide lapped at my boots. Mind you, no harm done. And we have created another happy/daft/silly memory that I can share here.

Now for the boring safety bit.

I should say here that we came to the slip way from the bottom, having accessed the harbour from the beach. It was open to all, and had high footfall. When we got back to the top there were no entry signs, I wouldn’t encourage anyone to go against the safety notices. They are there for a reason. As evidenced by my legs flying out from underneath me, Working harbours are not playgrounds for children, or exhibitionists!

Each week I like to share a fellow scavenger in a matching location.

This week I was surprised to see just one active post in this category. No matter though, this is a lady who inspires me to keep finding new (to me) locations for the hunt and I hope she inspires you to join in the games too. Here she is, looking rather more glamorous in her images is Modesty, who was Modestly Waiting at the boat ramp on her sunny summer holidays.

Scavenger Hunt Bronze

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