Naked lady with pumpkins in front of a tree for halloween

A Barefoot Halloween

Naked lady with pumpkins in front of a tree for halloween

Halloween is here!

And to celebrate a friend and I went for a walk in the woods! We had planned a Halloween shoot in a quiet corner, so she could enjoy her first photo shoot in relative peace. But we didn’t realise how close we were to a busy dog walking path until later in the afternoon when she was tied in a web under a tree. She was amazing fun to work with!

We decided to do a quick set of me while she warmed up a little.

She captured some really lovely photos, but this one was my favourite. I love the way the textures in the image. The moss, the leaves, the smooth and shiny pumpkins.

Perhaps I will celebrate every Halloween like this in the future.

Naked, except for natures bounty, and in the wilds someplace? Will anyone join me on that adventure next year!

I hope it is Halloween-y enough for Sexy Halloween 2020. Dressing up for a theme is something I tend to shy away from, but was inspired to try. And in my own way I did just that. Finding the fun in front of a tree for the Scavenger Hunt was the icing on the cake though.

In contrast to my autumnal exposure in front of a menacing tree, MPB exposed herself on a gloriously sunny, late spring day. I love the cyclist, blissfully unaware of what is going on behind the fallen tree.

Sexy Halloween 2020 badge
Sexy Halloween 2020

Scavenger Hunt Bronze

Sinful Sunday
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  1. I love this, great way to dress for halloween I’d say. Thanks for linking to my post. I have to say that was a really fun afternoon and feels such a long time ago!

    1. I am considering crafting a pumpkin c
      “lingerie” set for next year’s festivities.

      I love your post Julie, so much fun in the sunshine.

  2. What a fantastic picture, I totally love this. It shows the more light side of the season. You look amazing, and the pumpkins make this picture all the sweeter. Thank you so much for linking to Sexy Halloween!

    1. Thank you for hosting. Sexy Halloween pushed me right to the edge of my comfort zone. (I’d have gone further, but my comfort zone has taken a beating in the last month!)

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