barefoot sub abandoned in the leaves, naked except for knickers

Abandoned in the Leaves

A far cry from yesterday’s image, where I was bundled up and cosy while captured in self bondage. But how was I discovered like this… abandoned in the leaves? Well, let me tell you…

It was early October, I had a socially distanced photo shoot adventure with a new photographer. Well, new for me. Dark Venice and I had been chatting since 2019, and shared similar creative ideas. We both believed that our shoot would be an adventure, and neither of us were disappointed. The area of dartmoor that we explored is a secluded nature reserve, new to him and somewhere I’d only visited once. There were shots we both wanted and some that were specifically for him. This one, however, was all me. 

It was raining, and we walked miles around this glorious, secluded nature reserve. The autumnal spread of fallen leaves looked very tempting. I asked if he would be happy to take the picture. The shock on his face was priceless. He said he could never ask me to do that, pointing out the holly leaf that was poking out of my foot following the previous set. When I pointed out that it had been my idea and I would love to lay down he agreed it would make a nice shot. 

And so I got comfortable. As comfortable as a woman can on a bed of hidden holly. It’s a good job this was my suggestion. And that I’m a masochist! I believe it was worth the discomfort, as this was my favourite picture of the day.

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    1. Thank you Marie, it was too gorgeous not to lay down in the leaves. I’m glad he was happy to take the picture n x

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