Basking…. Sinfully

Basking in the light and glory that comes with not giving a damn.

Alice Oseman.

Retreating into myself last week the last thing I wanted to do was socialise.

But I’d arranged to go to dartmoor for some more rope and photos with my friend who took this one, among other pictures. I’ve yet to introduce him properly on here as I haven’t reached the point I met him. But to push my limits with sharing my beloved dartmoor and my soothing coils on a day when I just needed to hide away…

Anyway, he tied me up, and took pictures while I basked in the weak November sun.

My worries just melted away.

And the hikers who stopped for a picnic gave us something to chuckle about.

(Plus, it’s another tits out tor bagging success!)

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Sinful Sunday


    1. You have just summed up why dartmoor is such a powerful healer for me. And I’m so pleased it has come across.

      If I’m so small then whatever issue it is that I’m facing must be even smaller, and in the grand scheme of things…. X

    1. I’ve just been chatting about the comments with my friend, he said that was the image he had in his head when running off to the top of the tor. ?

  1. Gosh you’re game – I cant think of much that would turn me off more than being cold, but the way you’re tied looks very sexy.

    1. Sea swimming without a wetsuit in April has made me realise that being very cold feeds my masochism. ?

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