Hog-Tie and Dine

Hog-Tie and Dine

Hog-Tie and Dine

I have always tried to be creative and make the best of things.

As a single mum living far from family and unable to afford babysitters I started to think up different ways to spend time with my new group of friends. It had been great remotely working through the ties with JD, and gaining trust and respect for people at events and munches. One of those friends was CC, initially a swinger and realising that she had some kinks and wanted to explore them she had found her way to fetlife.. We had met through her play partner and I had been lucky enough to share some of my knowledge with her at a recent rope munch. I had first met the boy (CC’s play partner) shortly before the final ESKN, which was also his first event. We had chatted for a while before, but his dutch courage meant he had to go home early. The two of them made quite the impression and I invited them round for what I call “Tie and Dine.” I cooked dinner, they brought pudding. I supplied the ropes and she supplied the toy.

On that first evening of rope with CC and her boy we had a lot of fun, and I knew that I was onto the right track. They were easy going, daft and mischievous. I shared some of what I knew, rope wise. Overseeing her first attempts at recreating the box tie I could see her learning, joining the dots of what we had done together a few weeks previously. We’d eaten dinner next, I think, and once that had gone down I made a cuppa and we sat down for a chat. The boy was keen to be tied again, and I was excited to share my hogtie with CC. She could then take that away and use it on him herself.

Winning all round!

One of his kinks is inescspable bondage: to be bound, and to try and escape. So, naturally, I did my best to make that as challenging as I could. We used him as a coffee table (the drinks were warm by this point, so no risk of harm if he was wiggly enough to knock them over. His fear though… that was delicious!) I’m not a fan of escape bondage for myself as a bunny, it becomes an intellectual exercise and that is a different headspace entirely.ย  This was the start of a new outlook on tying others that would improve my skills in problem solving and observation no end. CC used this opportunity to distract him further with her crop and flogger. Handing them over to me and inviting me to try them out on him. Nervous to start with she guided patiently, and his reactions amused me no end. She shared her knowledge with me, in the same way that I had shared some rope skills with her.

Two friends, with different interests, teaching each other what we knew.

Needless to say he didn’t manage to escape, but it was almost time for pudding, so I gently released him. He seemed disappointed so I left the chest harness on and we decided to delay pudding. I thought I would show CC another tie. The Ebi tie, or shrimp tie. He sat cross legged on floor and we worked together to immobilise him once more. He was getting a little cocky, and as we know I don’t tolerate brats particularly well, so we rigged up some clover clamps. As CC’s boy his discipline was in her hands, she added them to his nipples, I attached one to his tongue. When he easily knocked that one off I clipped it onto his chest hair, which had the desired effect. The clamps were joined together with ropes and each time he opened his mouth to be cheeky… the rope was gently tugged and he would stop.

CC noted my sadistic giggle and there is a knowing chuckle from her whenever she hears that particular laugh.

With him completely stuck CC and I sat down with our pudding and suggested he hurry up and escape or we would have finished the cheesecake. (At that time neither of us was sadistic enough to actually eat all of the dessert, but I wouldn’t bank on such kindness from either of us in future.) When he finally asked to be freed he spent a little while sat on the floor, leaning into CC and looking utterly dazed and confused. Slowly coming round in her arms. He ate the cheesecake (aftercare) and then helped me hank the ropes. By the time they went on their way he had landedย  and CC and I had cleared away our various kinky bits and bobs. An innocent onlooker would never have known what mischievous skill sharing we had enjoyed over the evening.

As we emerge from lockdown the three of us have been discussing enjoying this style of evening once again. We have all been busy and, while they are not lost connections, they are greatly missed.

Wicked Wednesday

Hog-Tie and Dine was first published on A Leap of Faith.



  1. What an amazing night that was ๐Ÿ˜ I love sharing those learning moments with you and look forward to many more X x

    1. It was a good night. We have had so many good times, i love wandering through my memories like this x x

  2. This sounds like the most amazing night between friends, and I just love the way you have shared your skills with each other. I hope you can have more of this kind of fun soon ๐Ÿ™‚
    ~ Marie xox

    1. We have a session planned in a few weeks. I cant wait to throw rope at the boy again, and see what CC has learnt. N xxx

    1. We are planning more, but there are lots of similar adventures to share before I get to the here and now xx

    1. We were trying to remember what i cooked for dinner. “Something with vegetables” was as close as we got.

      1. After revisiting the pictures and allowing it to reawaken memories, I think we had a chicken and vegetable tray bake,but the dessert sticks in mind the most due to teasing the boy with it lol

    1. The joy of being 3 years behind on my time line is that I know what is coming ๐Ÿ˜‰ Plenty of excellent stories to share yet.

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