Before it got wet and messy, the feelztoys fonzie from the power button end.

Wet and Messy with the Feelztoys: Fonzie

Wet and Messy Feelztoys Fonzie in the box

The question of whether I’d get wet and messy with the Fonzie, from Feelztoys was one that I wanted to answer when Sexy Contours sent it over. Arriving with The California Exotics: Eden Flicker I’ll admit to being sceptical. Would this pocket sized rabbit hit any spots at all, let alone THAT one? Well, there is only one way to find out!

The package was plain and indistinguishable from my other “vanilla” deliveries, which is always a relief. Something that the Sexy Contours site has is the option of adding batteries to your order (if your purchase requires them there is a drop down menu in the “Add To Basket” section.) I haven’t seen this before, and it saves the frustration of receiving a new toy only to discover that you need to disassemble the TV remote in order to get yourself off!

The item packaging was simple, the rabbit style vibrator suspended in moulded plastic, in a cardboard frame of matching colour. Bright Pink! Boasting double pleasure for the G-Spot and Clitoris with 7 different vibrating modes, the instructions were also on the packaging, explaining how to insert the batteries and use the functions. It didn’t take long before I was looking to put these to the test! I was particularly on edge this first time, and within 7 minutes I had experienced a full body, gushing orgasm.

The speed with which it overtook me is rare.

I knew from this first meeting that Fonzie and I would be good friends. I was surprised as the insertable length is just 5”with a maximum girth of 2”. However, even for a woman who enjoys feeling full and stretched this one hit the right spots. How is that possible? I needed to give this a bit more thought and experimentation.

So, the shaft is not long or girthy, but this is no bad thing. The shaft IS firm, curved and heavily ridged. The result of this being that it has the strength to stimulate my G-Spot with surprising accuracy, building pressure as it is worked in and out. The vibrations help this too, due to the firmness of the silicone the shaft carries the vibrations from base to tip without losing much en route. The 100% Platinum silicone is smooth without being squeaky, but doesn’t have the slight drag of some other toys. In this case though I feel the ridges negate the need for a little pull through the material. Taking extra care to get into all of the nooks and crannies when cleaning up after play means that it takes a little longer than you may expect, but with the speed of release…

It is swings and roundabouts for me.

My one criticism is that the power button is, perhaps, not quite sensitive enough. It requires a long, firm press to turn it on. But given the choice between slow to turn on and easy to accidentally turn off? I know which one I would choose. The button is easy to reach during use though, and without being overly sensitive to finger slips it means that the user has full control over the vibration patterns. No accidentally turning it from high power to waves of vibrations. This seems to happen regularly for me, and it is really frustrating!

The question for me is: “Will I get wet and messy with the Feelztoys Fonzie”?

I have to admit to being sceptical about rabbit style vibrators. I have owned two that hit ALL of the right spots, but over the years these have all gone to sex toy heaven and I have been unable to replace like-for-like. So I am on the hunt for a perfect replacement, and have failed to find what I am looking for.

The Fonzie does not work for me as a rabbit either, but somehow that is ok. The clitoral stimulator is too short for my anatomy to allow g-spot stimulation at the same time. However, the “ear” section is soft enough that it doesn’t hurt the area south of my clit. Like the shaft, the vibrations carry along the clitoral nub, and when stimulating myself there the tip of the shaft rubs my perineum, which is something that I particularly enjoy. However, my preference for Fonzie is to work on the G-spot; I checked this out a number of times! Sometimes it was quicker, sometimes slower, but always with the same result.

A gushing and surprisingly fast orgasm!!

Not quite believing how the effect of this little toy on me, I paid a visit to a friend (for a socially distanced cuppa.) Handing it over I asked her what she thought. She was happy to show me, laughing and saying “I’m rubbish at making myself cum”. Fascination took over as I noted her response matched my own. Though she chose to work her clit rather than her G-spot the pleasure flowed out of her like a waterfall.

Being honest, I couldn’t be more surprised at the effectiveness of the Fonzie. However, the evidence speaks volumes to me. Two women, one of us (me) a slow starter and one who struggles to bring herself to orgasm, both of us cresting the wave of orgasm within ten minutes on first meeting. And not just any orgasm.

A surprisingly powerful and deliciously gushing climax.

So the answer to my earlier question? A resounding, if somewhat surprised YES!

I will get wet and messy with the Feelztoys Fonzie!!

The team at Sexy Contours sent me this product in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. All images in this post are taken by me, and all opinions are my own.

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  1. Great review, Barefoot sub! It is not often that reviews on vibrators catch my attention any more (having been let down by so many products), but this product is intriguing to me. If you could, could you describe the intensity of the vibrations? Often, I find the intensity of some of these toys just too strong…feels like I’m going to burn my clit right off (I’m guessing I’m just a bit more sensitive). Does this toy have a relatively low setting?

    1. Hi Nora, I’m glad you enjoyed my review. I’m a fan of rumble vibrations rather than buzzy, but this one doesn’t fit into either category for me. I *think* there is a bullet style motor inside, it is certainly the right size where the vibrations eminate from, and i guess that these would feel buzzy were they direct on the clit. However, the vibrations carry through the firm but flexible silicon body and clit stim rather than being produced there. For my body this works better, and I think my friend would agree. Both our costs are intact and in full working order since trials began. Like I said in the review, I was surprised at how effective it was, especially considering the price bracket.

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