Oversharing for TMI Tuesday

1. Would you rather get a spanking in front of your family or do a striptease at your workplace?

Oh no, the impossible question! I did get my boobs out at work once, and I fucked myself in my office along with completing stretching tasks at one of the projects I facilitated. Just naming a few of my misdemeanours. But these all happened when I was on my own. The risk of getting caught was real, but I could take big precautions to ensure I wouldn’t. Having a spanking in front of my family is something I could never do. My family is my children, mum, brother and nieces. My brother is the only one who wouldn’t be surprised, having walked in on me seducing his mate when I was a horny teenager visiting him on my post A-level break. He hid his embarrassment well at seeing his little sister swallowing his mates cock, and the only comment that followed was him asking how long I’d had my nipple pierced.

Anyway, I digress… A strip tease at work, that’s my humiliation of choice… Maybe not as impossible as I first thought.

2. You are a sexy _____ .

cock wielding, long armed deviant with an ability to melt me with your kisses. (Cock, kisses and hugs, you can see my wish list currently)

3. Hey baby tonight _____ me.

…Indulge… Let’s see, tonight I want to curl up in warm, strong arms. Safe against the world. Not because I’m feeling fragile but because I want to be wrapped up in someone. And last night? Well, last night I just needed to be left alone. To satisfy my own carnal cravings, porn in one hand and Doxy in the other, wave after wave of orgasm ripping through me in private release. Tomorrow that may change, I may become indecently aroused and want my face crushed into the floor while you hold my hands behind my back and slowly graze my lips and asshole with your hot tongue, ready to pound your thick cock deep into my heat.

So tonight, just indulge me.

4. Would you rather have a rewind button or a pause button on your life?

Pause! I was raised with a saying “You can’t live your life backwards” and as a result have always tried to be the best I can be. Sure, things haven’t always been perfect but I like the way things are now. There are definitely moments I would love to pause,  to eke out a little longer. Proud-mummy-moments, happy-slut-experiences and goal-achieved-and-level-up-times. But I don’t want to go back and relive. I have so much more to get back to.

5. Would you rather have noisy sex neighbors or nosy neighbors?

Nosy neighbours. I find noisy sex to be distracting, and am not overly loud. Well, sometimes I can be, but it’s a gutteral roar during a powerful post-edging orgasm rather than noisy during the whole experience. I like the idea of nosy neighbours though. What would they see? What would they say? Would they ask to join me? Or would the shame they feel at their own voyeurism lead them to stay home and take themselves in hand? I have a few rather lovely neighbours, now I’m thinking…

Bonus: Would you rather mentally or physically never age? Why?

Mentally I’m at a good age now, physically I’m coming into what I feel is my prime. The thought of dementure scares me. I have seen people become empty shells, and others regress. As I said above I don’t want to hit rewind. Also, the forgetfulness and mental decline are things that can’t currently be fought. I know that research opens up new options all of the time but I don’t fancy my chances much. Physical ageing can be delayed through exercise and diet, and I’m always up for a challenge. I know the risk factors from my immediate family, and am taking steps to ensure that I am battle ready if it turns out I have those markers. Osteoporosis, for example, can be delayed by quitting smoking (3.5 years clear), a calcium rich diet (I love all calcium rich foods) and high impact exercise (long distance running) which lays down extra calcium in the bones strengthening them for future punishment. Yes, the physical ageing is one I’m better equipped to deal with.

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Balls, beautiful balls…

Masturbation Monday week 239 prompt by Mx Nillin -- image of their cock with multiple hands touching it
Thank you to MXNillin for this amazing picture prompt for Masturbation Monday

Balls are one of my favourite parts of a man!

There, I said it.

They aren’t quite as much of a turn on as strong forearms when you wrap them around me when I am feeling fragile and vulnerable, or send me into reverie like your hands do over a cup of coffee, and they won’t tell me as much about you as your eyes, twinkling with mischief, lust or love. I can’t savour them while you are dressed, like I can your ass and thighs as you climb the slope ahead of me, and rubbing my finger tips over your closely cropped hair is much more acceptable in public if that hair is on top of your head…

But still, I love balls.

I find them fascinating. I love kneeling between your legs and gazing up at your face while I wax your shaft. Thumbing the pre-cum into your shiny head and dropping my eyes I pulled my gaze down to your sac. Those little goosebumps, watching them grow as the skin contracts, dancing under my delicate breath.. My tongue snaking down to tease those little lumps, I’m salivating as the tiny nubs caress my taste buds, drool escaping my lips as the sensation drives my mouth wild. Inhaling deeply, stealing your essence from that beautiful flesh before parting my lips and devouring the objects of my desires. Hollowing my cheeks and sucking you in, hand still stroking your straining shaft firmly now as I raise my eyes to meet yours once more. Trailing my left hand down betwen your buttocks I stroke your tight hole, tease you with fingers lubed by the saliva now dripping from my chin. Your jaw clenches, breathing shallow, entire body thrumming with energy. The building tension relentless.

God, I love balls…

I love the way you are so strong and confident, mastering my mind and body. Your dominance makes my pussy clench with each. Little. Word. that you care to toss in my direction.

But when I am there, worshipping every last pore, I am the one that holds you, and your power in my hands.

Illuminated sign saying Kiss my butt and lick my balls.

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Masturbation Monday
Balls, beautiful balls. was first published on A leap of faith.


Acceptance for April

Black and white picture o two naked ladies making an asymmetric shape not dissimilar to an A. It is the main picture for Acceptance of April
Myself and Dr Lovelace captured by Dark Lion Photos

It seems that April is here, and so is the April A2Z blogging challenge. I saw others completing this last year and wished I’d known about it sooner, vowing to join in with the month long meme this year.

Unsurprisingly I had completely forgotten about it! But then I saw a scattering of posts yesterday, and thanked my lucky stars. So here I am, on April the first, diving headfirst into the words.

A is for Acceptance.

Not only acceptance of the blogging challenge, which I’m looking forward to.

It is acceptance of my need to plan. I have an alphabet of prompts in store, and if I hope to achieve the full list I won’t be able to blag my way through the workload.

But then, something else happened.

While flicking through my emails I saw this post by Molly Moore. And it reminded me of Tabitha Rayne’s 30 day orgasm fun. When this one came out last year I was mid-task which meant I couldn’t join in. However, this year… This Year! This is my year… And I have added it to my acceptance list for April.

And then there is acceptance that sometimes, ever so occasionally, life gets in the way and stops me from achieving things exactly when I hope to. I may not have a theme as such, but I have got enthusiasm, and a list of ideas. My aim is to make this an interesting month of reflection, smut and mischief, but in order to make it enjoyable for me (so I can go the distance) I need to accept that I’m not perfect.

I’m pretty close, but it’s ok to fall short occasionally.


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Acceptance for April was first published on A Leap Of Faith

Intelligence is the Ultimate Aphrodisiac


Certain foods, drink, candle light, a certain song, a particular scent, Wednesdays; there are all kinds of things that people consider aphrodisiacs.

Different people are turned on by different things, so, this week, what we want to know is:

Do you have a go to aphrodisiac?

What things help put you in a sexy mood?

Do you have a favourite “love potion/cocktail” that you know your partner cannot resist?

Food for Thought Friday likes to share questions that I struggle to answer. Sometimes the answers just come to me, and the posts write themselves, but weeks like this provoke an internal argument.

I don’t eat Oysters, sip Champagne or nibble strawberries from a lovers fingers. “Pah” I thought “I don’t need aphrodisiacs!”

And then I read the original post again. It wasn’t all about food as I had initially read it. And there is so much more to my state of arousal than what I perceive to be “the norm.”

Over the years I have found that my sense of smell has a direct line to my libido. I like men to be clean but naturally scented. The pheromones which they give off, particularly from their armpits (during an embrace before the clothes come off) or on their balls and in their pubic hair (when I’m nuzzled down there) can make me soak through almost instantly. I am a very happy masturbator, but the thing that I am unable to replicate is testosterone laced bodies. I miss that extra layer of arousal.

I would describe my sexuality as submissive, mainly craving the Dominant male to stimulate my desires. Intelligently fucking with my mind presses all of my buttons and leaves me helpless in the face of my need to please Him. It takes some time and effort for Him to weave His ways but… once in there, so long as it is good for him, the slut will come out to play. Simply saying:

  • Entertain me.
  • Amuse me.
  • Make me proud.
  • I’m not sure what I want to from you next. You know what I like… Please me.

I love this quote:

Image result for seduce the mind quotes

It more or less sums up my aphrodisiacal (I think I made this up?) needs.

My magic potion for seducing my partner is….

Non existent. I have been told my open, honest and direct manner gets men excited. They know where they stand with me I guess? But I think also my eyes, I’m told they are very twinkly and mischievous. I shall try to be more observant of what works in future.



Last of the red hot lovers


Her beautiful Adonis stood at the lust-o-meter, holding the phallic grip he barely registered a clammy.  To her he would always be at least smouldering.

Reaching around she rubbed her hand across the familiar bulge, his meaty cock impressive even when flaccid. Sliding her hand inside his pants and squeezing his thickening shaft. “This isn’t my hand” she whispered into his ear, motioning at the tall dark man in the corner, who was watching them with fire in his eyes.”Now, try again, but that’s his cock….”she hissed into his ear.

A satisfied smirk spread across her lips: Red Hot

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Last of the red hot lovers was first published on A Leap of Faith

A writer is always writing for someone.


Writing is a funny thing.

It gives me the a wonderful outlet, a way to process events and mull things over. Over the last year or so I have found a community in which I feel like I belong. The sex blogging community have welcomed me with open arms, supported me when I have had my blog removed from wordpress and given me new and exciting ways to open up to the world around me. My kinky friends have appeared to enjoy learning a little more about me, and seeing themselves in my posts.

Writing with block is not fun.

When I first started the blog my objective was clear, and my audience was obvious too. It was a way for me to have a conversation with sir. One way, yes, but a conversation non-the-less. I knew he was reading from afar. He left again in July, and while I tried to believe that he would be keeping an eye that feeling kind of left me, and as it did so did my ability to write. When I first started the blog I read that it is “important to know who you are writing for.” That wasn’t clear anymore, and though I found joy in participating in the weekly memes my main objective faltered, and then stopped altogether. January saw just 3 posts, all in response to prompts. I couldn’t find 150 words to describe me for the Smutmarathonso I had to pass until next year. I didn’t even have anything worthy of submitting to elust 115.

Something had to change.

That change came with a university assignment and February Photofest. Once I had got the formal writing out of the way I was able to start thinking about my posts. The pictures of others were so intimidating I almost froze again but… I had a great selection of images I had been keeping back for this month and they would have been wasted just sat in my dropbox… So I started, a little late but any start is better than none. And the more I posted the more my brain would release words. As the month progressed I found it hard to keep up but not impossible. Inspired by the many other bloggers participating in the challenge, and weekly memes I was able to get through the rest of the month aside from one day. Today is the last day of the month, but I have found a new way to focus.

A new audience if you like.

Thank you to all of the wonderful bloggers and meme hosts who have made it feel like I have never been away. I am so lucky to be able to choose the top lists for various different memes over the coming months, and with Eroticon in a couple of weeks, I have some exciting times to look forward to, new people to meet and lots of things to learn.

Now then, where did I put my pens? I have writing to do…

Thanks to Tony James Photography for indulging my creativity.
February Photofest


Don’t forget to fall in love with yourself first.


I have shared this picture before, on Sinfully spread for sinful sunday. It got me into a little trouble with the powers that be at WordPress, leading to my blog being removed in the middle of June. On the comments Molly suggested I take part in the pussy pride project, and since then I have had this post waiting to be written in my draughts.

I have a wonderful relationship with my pussy, but it hasn’t always been this way.

Where to start? Why…at the beginning of course!

It is quite well documented within my family that I was always a tomboy. My mum joyfully tells people how I would tuck toy lorries into bed with me at night instead of dollies and cuddly toys. In all honesty, at a young age I didn’t define myself as a boy or girl, why would I? My brother was my hero, and I happily trailed him round on my bike. Gender irrelevant. As I grew up I realised that my body was different to the rest of my family. Mum hid herself away under clothes, shrouding her curves in mystery. But I had, as all children do, seen glimpses of different parts of my brother and dad. I did not have one of those! So I spent some time exploring my body. That pre-pubescent night with a mirror, a torch, a book on anatomy and a pencil.

That was the first time I realised that there were three exits, and I read all about what the middle one did.

This was scary stuff for a 9/10-year-old girl. Babies and pregnancy had been covered in year 5 primary school, but they came out of there??? Holy smokes! As I grew up my body changed, and I learnt all about how these things worked. It wasn’t so scary anymore, but I knew that wasn’t for me. Babies and children, no thank you! But what else was it for? That was a mystery to me. Though learning continued apace, and it didn’t take me long, before I found my brothers stash of porn. And then I knew.

That growing understanding combined with a desire to explore…

It was a slippery slope. My first boyfriend would happily spend hours down there, devouring my soul through those lips, eyes blazing with a passion I hadn’t seen before. The worries I had about my lips being so much bigger than those I had seen in the magazines faded into nothingness. He adored them, and with that love I continued to blossom. I soon found out that toys felt amazing, and my time with a vibrator (which belonged to his mum) I reached a new high. The dildo I purchased soon after filling my young pussy, stretching it so beautifully. After we ended I didn’t give up on my practise, I became an expert on my pleasure.

With those expertise came a magnetic effect to the men I fucked.

I used them for my pleasure, often in the most sordid ways, but it was during this time that I realised the power that my pussy had over them. Looking back I can see that they were probably using me for sex as much as I was them, but I also recall the way that just a touch of my wet folds on the dance floor of a local club, or a sniff of my sticky fingers at the bar would light the fires behind their eyes. They were a mix of long-term fuck buddies and strangers I took a fancy to, but the effect was always the same. The loss of my first love put up walls, but this was a great new game that I could play without getting hurt.

I don’t remember all of their names, but the look was more or less universal.

My pussy pride dropped after I met P. Once snared by him my confidence left me entirely, as it would do when someone points out all of the negatives, delves into your perceived fears and drip feeds them back into you. They grow then, but not in the way a beautiful flower would blossom, more like bindweed, choking and stifling all in its path. Those intoxicatingly puffy lips, enjoyed by so many before suddenly became fat lips, too big to suck on, to lust after. He would go down there and fall asleep. Why? Because they weren’t good enough for him. His interest in them piqued when he needed to empty his balls, and if I wasn’t worried he would pester until I gave in.

That isn’t the same as the fires of lust that burn, erotically entwining two (or more) souls.

When I started to take control of my life again, albeit handing over that power to sir, I was given tasks, amazing tasks. They allowed this stifled and abused woman to start to spread her wings again. I had encounters, built my confidence and met M. He had not been interested in sex for a year before we met, his libido had waned and there didn’t seem to be much hope for him. My pussy cured him, the sap suddenly rising, overflowing from an underused well. My magical powers had returned, and once more I saw the fires igniting behind lusty eyes.

I have so much pride in my pussy.

For so long I loathed my body, constantly trying to fit into a box that changed shape. My pussy was the last thing P took control of, and one of the first things I took back. For a while I sought validation through the power that this dripping cunt offered me, and over the last few years I have mellowed.

Accepting the beauty, enjoying sharing it but most of all letting that pride spread to the rest of my body.


Thanks to Molly for making me aware of this project.
Pussy Pride
February Photofest


Elust 110~~Time of the month!

Elust 110 Header Exposing 40 naked in a beach changing room
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Welcome to Elust 110

The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky discussions it’ll be here at Elust. Want to be included in Elust #111? Start with the rules, come back October 1st to submit something and subscribe to the RSS feed for updates!


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The Gift

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