Demanding Days And The Art Of Relaxing.

Blonde lady in a bath with roses, relaxing after a demanding day.

How do you unwind after demanding days?

Do you buy yourself flowers? Or do you run yourself a bath? Maybe you curl up with a cup of tea and a good book? Perhaps you gather friends together and let off steam over  a bottle of wine?

Me? Well, I go for a run, if I can. I put words out into the ether. There are two (not so small anymore) humans that I get to dick around with. Sometimes I hide away in 1001011’s rope, or underneath another friend’s cane. Yesterday evening I could be found cleaning my windows! And over the last week I’ve filled my cup with orgasms, baking and even recording test audio. (With a cinnamon cake recipe no less!)

I’ve had a lot of demanding days recently. But it’s only this last week that I’ve been remembering to treat myself kindly.

I realised too late that in order to adapt to the new demands on me I need to hold on to the things that make me, well, me!

It was while I cleaned my windows that I remembered a task from mid 2022. I had to treat myself everyday of a nine day task set. They were hard tasks, fun but challenging. None more so than figuring out how I like to “treat” myself.

The first day I made a comfy writing corner. I made my boys pizza from scratch on day four, because it fills my heart to do so! The variety in my treats, my self care, was staggering.

I spotted this picture, from my first shoot with Stutographer back in 2021, in my Dropbox early last week. And while I’m a shower girl and bathing generally isn’t a treat for me, the photo reminded me of self care. Of the lessons I learnt during my time as his. Of the fact that I can, and in fact need to, take care of me first. Particularly now I’m spinning more plates, having more demanding days!

I’d love to know how you unwind. Let me know in the comments, I’m sure you wonderful people will have fantastic ways of relaxing when life gets full.

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