The barefoot sub is topless in front of a digger for the post her post moving heaven and earth

Feel The Earth Move

The barefoot sub is topless in front of a digger for the post her post moving heaven and earth

This is getting out of hand, no?

The scavenger hunt has taken over my day to day life. It seems I will stop at nothing in my quest for catching K. This is no exception. Back in August, while on a lunch hunt, I spotted this beauty. Unattended, tucked up a side street off the main thoroughfare. I did a double take. Walked on, looked over my shoulder and made a quick risk assessment of the area. No, it wasn’t that risky, there were ways I could angle myself to ensure that I wasn’t seen. At that particular moment anyway… But it was just risky enough to make my nipples stand on end. The number of people milling around on the high street. The lunchtime traffic. The fact that this specialist equipment was probably going to get collected soon.

Well, with this in mind I took a couple of shots. Then I continued with my primary mission. In the lunch queue I sneaked a look at my images. Frustratingly I had got the angle wrong and there was no nipple, and barely any digger in shot. Kicking myself I tried not to be despondent though I fully expected the owners to have moved on with their trailer by the time I got back. There would be more opportunities, other, more impressive, feats of engineering. Picking up the paper bag and sauntering off down the road I found the holy grail was still there.

It had to be a sign. To try again!

And so I did. I slid the bag up my arm, checked for unwitting spectators and prepared the camera.

3- Lift Jumper.

2- Check Image on Screen.

1- Take The Picture.

Success! I had the picture I had been frustrated with myself for not achieving. It wasn’t the first and I am certain it won’t be the last. But this one is a story with a happy ending, and I am a fan of those!

Who features in my post this week? Has anyone else felt the earth move?

I am absolutely delighted to be able to share No Pants Endurance. I always try to keep up with his posts as they always make me smile. It also makes a wonderful change to showcase different parts being exposed than breasts. For the record, breasts are beautiful. However, I am partial to body positivity for all bodies!! Here is NPE with his post Working Some Kinks Out.

Scavenger Hunt Bronze

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    1. “If a jobs worth doing its worth doing properly” my dad always used to say this. Seems fitting for this post 😉 N xx

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