sunset celebration for post mindful moments my meme

Mindful Moments Meme

sunset celebration for post mindful moments my meme
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It’s been a long old month, March. And yet I still find myself woefully underprepared for April! However, there are some very good reasons for this. One of which is some exciting news regarding Mindful Moments, my meme.

Did you know that I host a meme?

I launched it in October last year, in line with World Mental Health Day. (WMHD) I still have a lot to learn about hosting a meme, but I was so proud when I built and launched the site on time. With a long history of mental health troubles myself, along with a professional insight into the world, I have always offered my time to celebrate WMHD. 2020 was the first year I couldn’t get involved in a local project so… I pushed myself.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that I’m a technophobe. With no-one to do the work for me I engaged with some long distance support, worked hard and kept my nerve. There may have been hours spent staring at simple, step-by-step instructions until something clicked and “Ohhhhhh… that’s how it works!” There were so many steps to work through, slowly and methodically. The subdomain needed creating, the site needed building, a badge needed creating… (and on, and on…)

More important than achieving my goal is that I did not shed a single tear over my technical malfunctioning! Amazing!

I wanted mindful moments, the meme, to be a place for silver linings.

Somewhere to share things that have made us happy, proud, excited, hopeful… during the month long link up. And equally, a collection of posts where I could go and find some positivity when things got a bit dark and/or busy in my head.

In the last paragraph is the key point of the meme. Posts can take any form, but… they must be something that has occured “during the month long link up”. And if this post is linking up to the meme (as the badge at the bottom suggests) then why am I discussing events which are 6 months old?

Well, in February I switched hosts.

There were a couple of heart stopping moments during my busy month as the change took place. But, in spite of my fears, everything went through with just a couple of posts being lost. They were written after backup and before the switch was finalised. Entirely my fault that they vanished!

With the new hosts it was recommended that I pop mindful moments on its own domain. But after the stress of switching I couldn’t face it in February. Never underestimate how draining even small technical efforts may be on someone who struggles so deeply with attaching pictures to emails! And then march got going and I started. But I got snared on a blacklisted domain- should have checked it before buying- which needed some deep thought and research. Eventually, towards the end of the third week in march, I finally got the all clear to transfer Mindful moments to its very own domain!


I found a two part series on transferring from a sub domain to a new domain on blogable here- (part 1) and (part 2). This got me most of the way through. My new hosts knowledgebase is so easy to use that I finished off the transfer without emailing them. And then all I had to do was tweak the code in the badge again. So it links back to the NEW site, rather than linking to the old one and following a redirect.

I’ve also made a couple of minor changes, and there is now the option to sign up to receive posts. I want to make an addition, but I shall tell you all about that over there, in the future, when the idea comes into fruition. I guess this means you’ll have to subscribe?!

So this is what I am celebrating for the month of March.

It’s been a wonderful month really. There has been so much to smile about. Topped off with some amazing puddles to jump in this week. But this task. One that I had been dreading. It’s done! And done well (I hope). I’m proud. And I’m excited to share it with you, again!

And I look forward to seeing more silver linings shared over the coming months!

Click the badge below to find out more and see the amazing posts which have already been linked up.

Mindful Moments badge

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  1. The meme has done wonderfully well this month – just been going thru all the fab entries – well done Barefoot – it is a great place to link
    May x

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