exposed boobs and a beehive for the scavenger hunt

Boobs and a Beehive!

exposed boobs and a beehive for scavenger hunt

Boobs and a beehive! Who would have thought? Certainly not me. I hadn’t seen it on the scavenger hunt location list, and while I have friends with hives they aren’t on my radar. Interestingly, the only apiarists in my phonebook are kinksters.

Right, back to the post…

A few days after Christmas I found myself treading old paths. Ever the watchful eye I scoured my old locale, greedy for a location while I found 10 minutes peace beneath the big sky. The community orchard is a wonderful space, my children and I have a strong history there. But in the years since we moved there have been developments. Including the hives. They are a vital part in the ecosystem. The apple orchard and wildlife gardens rely on these busy creature to pollinate the blossoms. A volunteer taskforce maintains the space, and in the summer it really comes alive. This new (to me) discovery meant just one thing…

Boobs and a beehive!

Well, I took the shot and quickly covered up as I heard voices approaching from the gateway behind me. For once I was almost grateful not to be able to get extra shots. The air was damp, and bitterly cold! I would later come back to check the list, feeling sure that it would be there. But there was no sign. And so I have a new addition.

Which leaves me with a bit of a problem.

Who to share this week.

A number of clicks later I landed on Mrs K tied up in the woods. Her post Born with a Kink not only highlights her stunning form strung tight, wrists bound to a high branch. She also features the most beautiful poem. I recall her publishing this and loving both aspects entirely.

Well, that wasn’t as much of a problem as I thought it would be!

Scavenger Hunt Bronze

Sinful Sunday


  1. Thanks for the shout out. Love your scavenger hunt pics. Community gardens are like little spaces where wishers become receivers. Love it!

    1. It certainly was! I’m told that on a hot day the bees are very busy in this orchard, so, for once, I’m very glad that it was fresh 😉

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