Topless, Barefoot stile

Topless, Barefoot Stile!

Topless, Barefoot stile

On the second day of my 5-a-day scavenger hunt challenge I was exploring dartmoor with Loki. As always, there was no shortage of laughter. There never is when he and I get together! The first spot we found on this occasion was the Stone Row, where our patience paid off. This photo was from later in our walk, when we found an exposed but well maintained stile. We had a lot of fun watching for other hikers while experimenting with angles and natural light in the late afternoon sunshine.

Standing on the narrow planks, hoiking up my skirt and top, I have rarely felt more on display. Wiggling my bottom for the camera and smiling through the fold of my arm, there was more laughter. His suggestion to “try standing this way” swiftly followed by my idea to turn my body that way. I’m amazed that I didn’t tumble off and impale myself on the barbed wire fence! Covering up and climbing down, we peered at the screen in the crisp, bright light of an August evening on Dartmoor. Satisfied with the images and happy that at least one of them would work for the scavenger hunt.

The above image is my stand out favourite, but we had so much fun I have decided to create a collage of fun times. Stepping outside of my standard post format to bring more celebrations of mischief in my favourite place!

Collage of barefoot stile

I’m not the only huntress to have exposed themself on a stile though.

Perhaps it isn’t any surprise that Modesty Ablaze has also been making the most of rambling! Her wellington boots and naked chest make for the perfect combination for her post In a Modest Stile.

Scavenger Hunt Bronze


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    1. That’s exactly right, yes. Instead of a gate, which can be left open allowing livestock to escape.

    1. Aww, thank you Elliott. 😊 And the skirt is one of my favourites! It gets plenty of scavenger hunt action!

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