The barefoot sub is Sky high like the thigh high

Sky High, Like My Thigh Highs

Thigh rope with the barefoot sub

Sky high, that’s where my pride levels are now.

It has been a bit quiet over here at a leap of faith for the last week or so, but life has been really busy elsewhere. I’ve been beavering away, building my new site and meme – Mindful Moments. Alongside that I have set up a Buy Me A Coffee page, and created a plan for added value content for subscribers. It is great to be busy. To be stretching my mind, learning new skills and pushing my self belief in new and exciting ways.

Terrifying? Yes. Exhausting? Absolutely. Wonderful? Without a doubt!

With all of this going on I was feeling a little fragile and was reminded of the need for early nights and fluffy socks. Looking back at my self-care post I have to admit that I kind of dropped the ball. In the midst of all this I had forgotten about plans to see Angel over at Skorpion Rope for some ties! When she messaged to postpone I was almost relieved as my stress levels were sky high. But we decided to have a rope session together over zoom.

She asked if I had any challenges on last week and I mentioned the prompt over at Tie Me Up Tuesday: Thigh Highs. When the day came I decided to use my knothead nylon. Purely because it is pretty, and I was in the mood for teal rope. I also decided to try our one of my new bodystockings, procured since the ideas I received after Give It A Go.

Has anyone tied nylon over nylon?

It isn’t the first time I have tried. It is, however, the first time I have looked back and thought “Ah, that’s why I switched rope last time!” Fortunately, this time I was tying my thighs. These power houses have plenty of flesh for rope to grip onto. If I could just secure myself tightly enough. Through the giggles, the chatter and the sharing of knowledge, we created six ties. Each doing it in our own inimitable way. The one I have shared is my favourite. I have designs on doing a full leg tie with this pattern. But probably with jute next time. I also wanted to submit to monochromerotic as I have been enjoying tweaking images recently, and learning a little more about editing.

Check out what others are doing at Tie Me Up Tuesday and Monochromerotic

Sky High Like My Thigh Highs was first published on A Leap of Faith.


    1. It is lovely to play woth the ropes, but it comes with confidence and (in this case) a very experienced friend on the far end of a video call!

      I look forward to your experiments N xx

  1. I swear I am going to end up buying that rope someday if I keep on seeing it in your pictures because it looks so good on you!
    I really like reading that you had a zoom call to do some tying together. It just makes me happy knowing you have that sort of stuff in your life.

    1. The best advertising is word of mouth (or pictures)
      I’m very lucky to have such ace people in my world that are happy to put up with me in a zoom call. Lockdown has been kind to me in this way x

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