the barefoot sub with a teal pubic hair wig

Soft Curls for Barefoot

the barefoot sub with a teal pubic hair wig of curls

Soft curls and strokeable whirls.

If I had pubic hair this is what I would like them to be like.

I have kept my nether regions smooth for almost the entirety of my adult life. Never a fan of the long, wiry and straggly brown hairs, they feel so unpleasant to me. More so now that I run long distances. Last time I was sporting a full mop down there I had the worst chafing I have ever had!

When I first met Sir one of his requests was that I keep myself smooth.

I was so grateful for this as I was able to continue with my preference.

It was only while stripping some bungee cords for a little self torture that I noticed the smooth, dense curls that were being shed. Running my fingers through them on my kitchen worktop I wondered if people actually had pubic hair like this?

I have never seen any, in real life or otherwise. And, in spite of my own preferences for myself I believe that anyone sporting a penis will look, smell and taste better with a full bed (?) of hair. Perhaps this is a fetish of mine? I certainly feel like I am missing out if there is no hair surrounding their cock, balls, even asshole. According to my post back in September, this would make it a fetish.

(That is probably a post for another time…)

So, back to my kitchen counter, and painful creation…

Once the coast was clear and I had enjoyed the rubber band torment I lay back on my rug and covered my mound with green curly “hair”. Amused at the look I took a couple of pictures before running my fingers over the silky curls and enjoying the sensations that coursed through my finger tips.

It was nice.

For a moment.

And then…?

Well, then I had more fun clearing it all away and enjoying the plump temptations that lay below.


Frisky Friday

Soft Curls for Barefoot was first published on A Leap of Faith


  1. Smooth is a personal choice, one my wife and I have enjoyed for many years as well. My brother and I saw our mother nude many times. However due to her having a rather large bush we were never afforded the pleasure of viewing the beauty of her vulva or labia.

  2. I never thought I would like being bare – there! but my man asked me to try it when we got together 6 years ago and I have never looked back – except in the lockdown! It grew then 😉
    Fun shot Barefooot

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