one small improvement is to get naked outside, whether that's in the woods, in your garden or skinny dipping at night with friends.

One Small Improvement For A Joyful Life

one small improvement is to get naked outside, whether that's in the woods, in your garden or skinny dipping at night with friends.
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The jetpack daily prompts are coming in thick and fast. Daily, in fact! I keep starting them but not quite managing to get them done. Hey ho, it just means I’ve plenty of posts in the drafts folder, ready for a bit of spit and polish! The question posed today though… its different. One that I immediately, even urgently, needed to share. Because there is one small improvement that I can make, and I want to share it with you!

What’s one small improvement you can make in your life?

For me, there is one thing that trumps everything else. It partners well with a whole host of other activities, but can be done on its own, by yourself, with absolutely no additional outlay. And, in all honesty, barely any time at all.

OK, it’s not this. The reverse of this is true for me, getting offline and enjoying life is much more beneficial for my mental health and wellbeing, which is why you’ll barely see me online when I realise my health is being affected. But with my work and part of my mental health toolkit tied up with my blog, avoiding the internet is not a small improvement, it’s really quite a big adjustment.

So, what is the one small improvement I can make?

Get outside!

You can make it as simple or as complex as you like, depending on your mood and energies and, perhaps most importantly, your interests. In its most straightforward sense, all you need to do is open a door, step out onto your front step, feel the breeze on your face and the sunshine on your skin.

Personally, I love to be naked outside. To feel the air not just on my face but across my whole body. You’ll be more familiar with my Scavenger Hunt posts. I love to expose myself cheekily while also being mindful not to be spotted by unsuspecting strangers. But what about when I’m at the naturist beach? Or when the risk of being seen is much lower, and those risks can be managed? Well, there is nothing quite like being entirely naked. Or almost naked, aside from rope with nothing but nature (and a rigger) for company. That rope could be for art and body confidence, or it might be for some strict bondage, even for some help with yoga poses.

I like to make small improvements with my yoga, one pose at a time.

And there’s no better way to do this solo than naked in a graveyard with a video capturing every minute stretch. Or even, with a fellow yogi for company on the shores of a reservoir.

But on the subject of Yogis, why not engage the efforts of a teacher? Bunny is deeply entrenched in the yogic lifestyle. She is a wonderful ambassador for the benefits of yoga and it’s a joy to pick her brains on any improvement, big or small, that I can make to my practise. It’s also fun to tease her by sharing my efforts to bastardise her passions, or plans to explore deviance with a fellow yoga loving kinkster.

It was Bunny who invited me to her local beach for a bonfire last summer.

We wanted to swim, dry off and warm through, then back in for another swim under the dark moonless sky which was littered with Diamonds.

Our first dip was in costumes, in to our waists, before paddling in the shadows, loving life and giggling. It was the first night swim I’d enjoyed since moving to Devon and I was slightly nervous. (But being very brave because I knew Bunny was more nervous.)

Our second swim we jumped in naked. With no clothes on we both felt more vulnerable, but also more alive. Stars sparkled in the sky. Their twinkling a caress on my bare flesh. Funny how removing a flimsy covering of thin fabric can change the sensations so much. God, it felt good. Being naked in the water, swimming out to the headland before turning tail for the shoreline again. The inky depths teasing us, the kisses of seaweed causing hearts to pound hard in our chests, but the joy of being naked in our happy place, together, is one of my stand out memories of 2022.

Getting naked outside is my one small improvement for a joyful life.

Nudity in nature fills my cup like little else, and it takes little time or effort to get my fix. But, as with most things, the more I put in the more I get out and, with friends like mine, I have plenty of opportunity to bring joy to my world in all the weird and wonderful ways I could ever have imagined.

But if this is my one thing, what is yours? I’m always looking for new tools for my wellbeing kit, what else should I be adding to it in order to improve my joyful life?

The picture at the top was taken of us as we entered the water. Shared with permission, it’s the only one I can find with our bottoms on full view. As it’s #Humpday over on Twitter I didn’t think there was a more appropriate picture to share. Especially when my companion has such a glorious posterior.

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