Bastardising boat pose while bound in a table

Bastardising Boat Pose – Simple Pleasures!

Bastardising boat pose while bound in half a scaffolding table on a fluffy grey rug

You have no idea how much I hurt after this. My back – from the scaffolding – and my abs from holding the posture. Its my own fault, the boat pose is hard enough without bastardising it with bondage. Let alone half a scaffolding table and a posture collar to keep everything together. But then, maybe I shouldn’t take all the blame.

1001011 arrived at mine last week, with a clingy-clangy bag.

Inside, I thought, was his suspension frame. Odd, I thought, I have one here. “No, no”, he smiled, “it’s a table. Or the bits of the table that fit in my bag.” Obviously, I couldn’t have imagined he’d make a bondage device with the bits he brought. One that would let me sit loosely within it, luxuriously stretched out – albeit with the icy metal burning through my tights. Some quick and dirty ropes soon had me immobilised, mostly. And with a few twists of a spanner, he was able to pinch me into a much tighter fit.

This is where you find me. Actually, not quite. He left me, feet on the ground. I wriggled and jiggled and tipped myself back a little. Then a little bit more. Before finally finding my balance point for bastardising the boat pose.

The Sinful Sunday prompt for May is “Simple Pleasures“.

I was thinking about time with friends and family, being active, cooking and rope. And then there was this afternoon of bondage with a good friend, during which I was able to explore yoga AND cook lunch.

The pictures that arrived in my drive the following day were such a joy. As they always are. But what jumped out is this one. The grin on my face, the thoroughly joyful landscape of friendship, rope and a yoga. If this doesn’t showcase my simple pleasures, I don’t know what will.

I can’t even apologise to the dedicated yogis out there.

Bastardising boat pose, or Naukasana, brings too much joy for me. Using my flexibility to turn yoga poses into bondage torment is always going to bring a smile. Or peace. And I think that finding a positive headspace through movement is one of my main reasons for keeping active.

Which yoga poses would you enjoy being bound in? Or which do you think I should try? Let me know and I’ll see what I can do!

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  1. Maybe a not so simple pleasure. lol
    But delightful just the same 🙂
    And may I say, the boat pose is unforgivable at the best of times, bastardising is the only thing that may improve (and worsen) it!

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