Life is Swell

Barefoot sub hogtied on Swell tor quarry

You know, it’s true what they say. Life is swell, fantastic, wonderful and amazing! Not all the time, for sure, but if we can just find little moments of wonder then perhaps we will be able to keep hold of that feeling for even longer?!

Late last summer I visited Swell Tor with a friend I often share Dartmoor time with.

He doesn’t always throw rope at me, but it often happens on our adventures. This particular day we had planned to tie in a neighbouring quarry, but it was so busy there it wasn’t feasible. Luckily Swell Tor quarry is a literal hop, skip and jump away but is completely undisturbed. Well, it was on this glorious August bank holiday weekend. We spent a couple of hours up there, me naked but for the bonds.

It feels like a lifetime since he captured this moment.

Yes, I was tightly bound, but the view captured my focus and I drifted into my little rope bubble. When he released my hair I lay face down in the afternoon sun, discarded rope laying across my back. Relaxing into the earth with my eyes closed I was able to inhale the scent quite unlike any other piece of ground I have ever inhaled. Pure and unadulterated green, creating neural networks in my hazy spaced out brain.

With it my heart swelled to match the location.

It is that memory that I have returned to during lockdown when I have been unable to visit my sanctuary. And now, as restrictions are easing, I am beginning to let myself think about the next time I may find myself naked and tied on a deserted Tor, with a wonderful friend and his camera.

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Life is swell was first published onΒ A Leap of Faith. If you have enjoyed seeing me in Loki’s bindings then you may enjoy this post too: Clothed Rope With Loki. This is where our rope friendship took off!


    1. Its a wonderful setting, and I’ve barely scratched the surface when it comes to tors N xx

    1. I love to be tied anywhere, but there is a special magic to rope on a tor 😊xx

  1. What a wonderful location. I love the image and description of you being tied there. Hope you can do this again soon xx

    1. It won’t be long, I’m sure. But I’m a bug fan of delayed gratification

      We have so many ideas for locations and ties, but having to wait just making it more exciting xx

    1. You certainly do. I wish I had one locally with those giant quarry vehicles with the massive wheels!

  2. Omy. I would love to experience this. Feeling so helpless and at the mercy of the person who would have tied me while being so exposed to nature. You fit rather well in the landscape πŸ˜„

    1. With this friend I never feel helpless, we tie for the love of rope and connection rather than control and power exchange. It’s a beautiful thing, but very different to Ds. I’m not sure if that makes sense?

      I love that corner of the world, so it makes me very happy that you think I fit it well. 😁

    1. It really was an amazing day. I’m seriously looking forward to our next trip, whenever that may be N x

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