Fancy Being Painted On A Rock?!

Painted on a rock by a local artist

Earlier this year, Bunny was painted onto a rock by another friend. He had worked from one of her Fetlife photos, I think one of his ties, and created something unique. His work was really beautiful, the intricacy of the rope was perfectly captured and her energy bounced off of the flat stone as if she was there in person.

As you will know, if you’ve been following my site for a while, I love art. More than creating my own, I love to support artists. From the Midlands to the USA and all the way back to Europe, I’ve been spoilt for choice when it comes to indulging this side of me. But it is rare for me to have an artistic friend to set to work.

Imagine my excitement he opened commissioms offer of a painted rock.

If anyone wanted one we could let him know and he’d choose a ropey picture from our Fetlife feed, and let us know when it was ready.

He was asking a nominal fee, to cover expenses. I am well aware that chancers often haggle, try to devalue the artists work. (I get it regularly when folks reach out asking to sponsor posts.) Well, had the fee been double I’d have been biting his hand off for one. Which would have been unhelpful given he might need that hand for painting!

“Yes please!” I commented, and later enjoyed his ❤s appearing in my notifications. Clearly he liked something in there!

Bunny knew which one he had chosen, kept it secret somehow.

It didn’t take long before – Bam!

There I was. Painted on a rock!

And he’d chosen one that I adored! It was from a recent (at the time) tying session with 1001011. One that I’d shared here, as well as on Fetlife

He sent a photo before sharing on his timeline

I loved it, but had to wait a little while until I could see it in person.

Bunny delivered my rock, painted by our mutual friend.

I don’t know who was more excited… Honestly think it was her!

If you would like to see your kinky self painted on a rock then he is open to commissions still. And I’m told he’s added paddles to his offering. If you’re on Fetlife then feel free to follow this link to find him, see more of his unique piece of art.

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