Learning To Fly

learning to fly in duct tape mummification, posture collar and enclosure hood

It’s no secret, I love to fly, it’s something I’ve been learning for some time. My love of vac-beds and compression is well documented on here, but this summer I was able to try something very new.

I say “new”. I mean new to me. I’ve seen photos of mummification being done before, enjoyed hearing about friends’ experiences, of brain melting calm when taped up.

But D had a couple of tricks up his sleeve.

Tricks to ensure the most effective way of teaching me to fly.

Taking me “into the distance, a ribbon of black“. He stuffed me full, wrapped me snugly and squeezed me tight in rolls of duct tape. Then he inserted ear buds, closed me off from the world and added a posture collar for complete restriction.

Soon I was “above the planet on a wing and a prayer. My grubby halo, a vapor trail in the empty air.” Who knows how long my flight was. He kept me there, toyed with me, pleasured me and used me for his own deviant delights. “Across the clouds I see my shadow fly” but he was the one learning. My body, my responses… as I slipped into quiet, away from inhibitions and let loose my passions.

A soul in tension that’s learning to fly“, but no longer alone, I have a “navigator to find my way home“.

Soon, or not, I have no idea… He released me from my cocoon. “Can’t keep my eyes from the circling skies” behind my closed eyelids. Slow, gentle breathing, still not speaking, empty headed… “Tongue-tied and twisted
Just an earthbound misfit

Sinful Sunday

Click the lips to see what everyone else is up to for Sinful Sunday this week.

Lyrics shamelessly stolen borrowed from Pink Floyd’s Learning To Fly.

I’m also adding this to my Lists, Prompts and Inspiration post (borrowed from Mrs Fever) because not only was it so very quiet in there, my brain remained so for a long while after. And Quiet is number 30.


  1. AND it’s September Song Project time, so your lyric choices are doubly fitting. 🙂

    I find it interesting how, for some people, snugness is a comfort. And for others… Not so much. (I’m definitely in the ‘others’ camp there; claustrophobia is a very real thing for me.) But this experience you’ve written is a very cool contrast — freedom through restriction.

    1. Gosh, that’s a happy accident! Its my favourite month long meme and I’m late, late, late!!!!

      I think it would be so dull if we all enjoyed the same thing. Seeing things from a different perspective is always fascinating.

      Claustrophobia is something I am blessed not to suffer with.

  2. One of my favourite things is to be strapped and locked into my leather sleep sack with my leather hood. There is nothing better than being held tight and being free to fly, all at once.

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