Sticky Situation For Barefoot

The barefoot sub finds herself in the sticky situation of having Baklava in place of pubic hair. Long bare legs stretched n the bed, SkirtFanatic skirt exposing her mons.

This last few weeks, interesting events have been unfolding. Possibilities slowly, gently, easily revealing themselves, revealing previously unrealised, or unacknowledged, or maybe even self-denied curiosities within me. And all of this has led me to a somewhat sticky situation.

A sticky situation that makes me grin like a Cheshire cat.

Which possibly sounds a bit strange. When I think of sticky situations, I think of them as awkward, difficult times, specific moments in time. Discomfort we try to avoid at all costs. But that is not this.

And neither is at as literal as having a mons covered in delicious, dripping, syrupy Baklava. (And Boukage, which is a folded Baklava with drizzled dark chocolate over the top. Not only that but it sounds an awful lot like Bukkake.)

No, my sticky situation is more of an imbalance.

A wonderful, sensitive imbalance, one where I’m occasionally embarrassed (in the hottest way). A gentle sway in proceedings for this woman who is so used to standing firm. Which I am doing, where I need to – and I do still need to. But there is an unfolding of events, acknowledging thoughts and feelings I’ve previously, probably, hidden from myself. And as that inner restraint is being challenged, teased and tickled, I find myself leaning in. Shared vulnerabilities, a gentle touch and a super-serious attitude to kink mean I’m mentally relaxing, unfurling, melting. And in response my body betrays me. Sweet, syrupy nectar another layer of consent to continue, in case conversation and non-verbal, enthusiastic yeses don’t shout loudly enough.

Now then, I’d best clean up myself up…

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Which would be another good link as I’m also sharing this with Mrs Fever’s 43 for ’23 in mind, as the situation has me enthralled. Which is the thirteenth prompt in the list.


  1. Your written thoughts are so very HOT.

    I feel like I can relate, but then realize I don’t really know what those feelings are.

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