Elust 157- Welcoming 2023 With Hot Posts!

elust 157 header shows Goddess Cleo in a black dress and patterned fishnet tights with red killer heels.
Image courtesy of Goddess Cleo.

Well, it’s a new year and time for the Elust 157, the first edition of 2023. Gracing the cover is the glorious Goddess Cleo, who appears further down as well, following a delicious duo with Oz. It’s always nice to put faces (and legs) to people I know of online.

Elust 157 also sees my post as the featured post.

For my £50 prize I’ve chosen a Bondara voucher as I’m saving up for something I’ve wanted for a very long time and every little counts. But how did I win? Well, there are some simple rules, easy to follow steps. First things first, I had submitted a post for Elust 156. When that went live I hopped on to Twitter to retweet the promotional tweets. And then taking my time with a cup of tea I sat down to read the posts, commenting as I felt inspired on the posts, and then sharing some thoughts on each in my December Elust. All that was left was to keep track of the date and submit my favourite post from December to be included in this months digest. So, who’s going to win the prize next month?

Erotic Fiction

Sarah & William Sometimes a line takes your need and amplifies it. This is one such line… “Sarah tries to lick his cock but it is just out of reach.” You’ll have to read the rest to find out what happens, and if Sarah, or William, get to enjoy his cock.

Earn Your Dessert How do you like your ice cream? Hopefully melted is ok, this post is hot!

The Master Plan – Part 4 As a submissive I love being able to share my deepest, darkest desires with my Sir. I can only imagine the relief of Rose when she found someone to enjoy her own fantastical needs with.

Product reviews

TENGA Flip Hole Gravity Review I find myself craving a penis to pleasure now that I’ve read this review.

Top 5 Best Anal Toys in 2023 Looking to develop your anal toy kit this year? This may be the post for you.

TOY TEST – Funzze Bullet Egg with Clit Massager A quick read for this little egg toy, Morgan Destera also shares a link so you can enjoy this product in use. What are you waiting for?

John Thomas HORNY Platinum Silicone Stretcher Review Sage advice from Joanne- “Always check the size measurements on the JTT website” or any other site for that matter.

Acmejoy Lester Masturbator A masturbator suitable for doggy style? Suction cup for a hands free wank? Sounds like the kind of toy I’d want to get my dick in, if I had one.

Review of the Flex Bi by Nomi Tang When the only Con is that the vibrations might be too intense it seems like the product might be just right for me.

Erotic Non Fiction

The Naughty Nurse Taking a look inside the medical centre to see one man enjoying his annual check up with his Nurse.

Tease Orgasm control, pleasure control, tease and denial. Fingers, toys and (in the background) toes. There’s all kinds of hotness here.

Crop Rotation Crops have never been my thing really, but I think moments like this could change my mind…


2022 List Of Top Posts My little round up of last year, comparing your top ten most viewed posts from 2022 with their counterparts in 2021. I would love to hear more from you on what you’d like to see more of this year.

Best & Worst Watched in 2022 Disclaimer: I’ve not read this post in its entirety yet. However, I have bookmarked it and am looking forward to exploring the top, and bottom, five porno movies. Weekend viewing sorted!

Thoughts & Advice on Sex & Relationships

Slipping Down the Escalator A wonderful article discussing transitions and de-escalations of relationships. Valuable reading for all, whether you’re poly or not.

Her Own World One of the absolute joys of Elust 157 has been meeting Hannah. Her words are as beautiful as she is, and I’m looking forward to exploring her world further.

Thoughts & Advice on Kink & Fetish

Why Is Erotic Humiliation So Hot? Another fantastic new blog for me, and a playfully seductive piece on erotic humiliation has me hooked.

2022 Orgasm Decision Made by Jack A much anticipated post for me, and Jacks post doesn’t disappoint.

Sex Work

A Night Out to Remember… (Part 1) Alexis wants Tristan to work for her attention, but will he live up to her exacting standards?

Processing an experience with a Pro-Domme who is not Mistress Confronting your sexual existence can be difficult, especially with new people. This Pro-Domme helped GirlieBoy do just that, with a clear respect for boundaries and many matching desires.

Embracing the Divine, Interview by Molly Simmons An interview with Jessie Simms, discussing “the intersection of sex work, religion and the possibility of divine ecstasy.

School Bully Meets Sexy Step-Mummy. A Duo with Mistress Eloise One of the highlights of my blogging world is Oz. His adventures with colleagues and clients never fail to amuse and titillate.

Elust Sex Blogs

Thank you for reading Elust 157. Click on the button above to see the entire back catalogue. Or have a root through my archives for my thoughts on the most recent editions.

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