The barefoot sub makes time to rest

LiFE Lesson #7: Make Time To Rest

The barefoot sub makes time to rest

It has been a bit of a rough couple of weeks over here. I’ve been unwell, and have had to take a lot of time to rest. Unexpected as this was I am grateful to have been methodical in my writing over the previous few weeks. This meant that I was able to leave my laptop closed and let the scheduled posts do their thing. As luck would have it I am starting to feel better, and ready to write something. In time for my next planned publishing day. 

Taking time to rest is always a struggle for me.

I’m not entirely sure where the need to keep moving comes from. My desire to keep pushing, driving myself forward. Often times I don’t realise how much I need to pause, and it is Sir who enforces rest and recovery. Certainly from tasks. I often feel like an overtired toddler. Having a melt down because he won’t let me work hard for him! I’ve said it before, he knows me better than I know myself in many ways. What I can achieve, and when I need to pause. I am starting to see the woman he has always known I am, but recognising my fatigue is a skill I wish I could learn from him. 

Last week I was feeling so much better I jumped at the opportunity of some tasks. The next day I was tumbling backwards, health wise. He offered me to park the tasks (I am sure this was less an offer and more an instruction hiding behind a smile) and I accepted. Only one upset email sent his way, about having a head start on them! 

However, he made some fair and valid points, and I love to be guided by him.

When I was first unwell I had decided that it was a nutrient deficit, and emotional stress. But the last couple of weeks have shown me that, actually, it is more likely my absolute failure to make enough time to rest. I take regular rest days in my running. If I don’t then my fitness bombs. So, is burning the candle at both ends, not getting enough sleep and filling my fuelling needs with low quality calories good enough? No, it’s not. 

“Almost anything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes… 

including you.”

~~Anne Lamott~~

I hope I have learnt my lesson, a week of bone aching fatigue and sickness will have taught  me something! But the above quote is the reminder that I needed. It is OK if you (I) stop for a while! I imagine I will need further prompting from Sir, but at the moment it is fresh in my mind…

The world won’t fall apart just because I take time to rest.


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  1. To take time to rest is a lesson I still struggle to learn. I am forever pushing myself to do what I feel I ‘have’ to do. I hope you are recovering, and able to recognize quicker when you need to take a break.
    ~ Marie

    1. Feeling obliged to do something is always a good reason for me not to do it. But I have such a long list of things that I wish to do… and not enough hours in the day.

      Currently trying to figure out where I went so badly wrong this time, so I don’t make the same mistakes again. I fear I will need further guidance. N xx

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