Don't shut yourself away like barefoot, hiding behind the door

Don’t Shut Yourself Away: LiFE Lesson #9

Don't shut yourself away by sitting behind the door.

When life is dark the temptation to disappear, to hide, can feel overwhelming. And so LiFE Lesson #9 is a reminder to myself as much as anyone else: Don’t shut yourself away. Please! And if you’re worried that someone is doing just that, then it is easier than you think to reach out.

As a woman with a long history of mental health concerns, I understand how easy it is to close down. I will always appreciate those who have tried to help by stepping in; but I know that the fear of this happening can stop me reaching out. My healing comes from someone that wants to sit in the dark with me for a bit. Hold my hand while I try to find my own path out of the quagmire.

“We know talking about mental health is not always easy. But starting a conversation doesn’t have to be awkward, and being there for someone can make a huge difference.”

May is mental health awareness month. A topic close to my heart (and mind) So you can imagine how happy I was when playful promises got in touch. They wanted help to promote their #Promisetotalk campaign. Well, I just had to slip into something more comfortable and share my thoughts.

When you checkout on the playful promises website, there is an option to donate to Mind.

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  1. That’s exactly what I do – when things get tough, I shut myself away. To me it’s a form of self-protection, and to work through the difficulties of that moment. Also a form of looking for the words to understand what is happening to me, and until I can find the words, I can’t talk to others about it…
    ~ Marie xox

    1. My favourite times (in the depths of depression) are when a friend will just join me. They’ll talk but not ask about the dark. They know that I (like you) will talk about what is troubling me when the time is right for me. But knowing I’m not alone while my life seems futile

  2. I think shutting ourselves away is often a form of self protection. I think the key is knowing when that is a healthy choice and when it is a choice that is damaging to us.


  3. I tend to isolate when I am depressed. For me, it is counterproductive. Interaction, as long as it is with the right people, helps me get through it. That is when it is a mild depression. Major depressive episodes are another story. I weather those alone. Maybe one day I will have someone again that will just quietly sit beside me in the darkness and pet my hair.

    1. This is the thing, isn’t it. Having the right people. I can’t (and indeed won’t) socialise when I’m dropping. But now there are three friends who I can just pick up the phone (any time of day or night) and just have on the line. Even if we don’t speak, or they just tell me about their day at work, or… something. A long distance hair stroke if you like. Before I had these people those major episodes were just the worst. All that darkness just used to eat me up.

    1. Thank you Jade. I hope that the message gets to at least one person that needs it.

  4. Trying to shut down is the first thing that comes to mind. Perhaps it is some kind of protective function of the body that works in this way. The main thing is to be able to get out of this state in time.

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